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BBF eyes growth after securing £40m funding

first_imgCakes and desserts business BBF is planning to invest in its manufacturing facilities having secured £40m funding from Wells Fargo Capital Finance (WFCF).The new three-year financing facility will provide day-to-day working capital for the group while providing headroom to enable further capital investment in its manufacturing facilities.It comes a year after BBF acquired Greencore’s ambient cakes and chilled desserts business. As a result of the acquisition, annual group revenues have risen to over £150m, with more than 2,000 people employed over the five sites.BBF has sites in Blackburn, Bradford and Poland, which produce a range of own-label, licensed and branded cakes and desserts for retailers, including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Marks & Spencer, Aldi and Lidl. It has been owned by private equity investor Endless LLP since 2015.“The facility provided by Wells Fargo gives the business extra firepower to make further investment in all of our manufacturing sites and to deliver on our strategic growth plans. Wells demonstrated great appetite throughout the process to support the business and we’re excited to have secured this new funding facility,” said Jonathan Lill, BBF CEO.Tom Weedall, director of loan originations at WFCF UK, added: “Leveraging Wells Fargo’s platform, we are delighted to work with BBF. This funding facility will support their future working capital and growth requirements. Also, our tailored solution will enable BBF to continue to provide the highest level of service and award-winning products to their customers.”last_img read more

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Watch 24 Of The Most Memorable Performances From The First-Ever Suwannee Spring Reunion

first_imgThis may have been the inaugural year of Suwannee Spring Reunion, but the festival’s origin is steeped in a rich history. Since its founding decades ago, the Spirit Of The Suwannee Park has welcomed bluegrass and Americana fans from around the country during this time of year. Entire generations have come of age at similar events in the Park and many tribes have gathered around Jerry Douglas, Peter Rowan, Sara Watkins and the festival’s host of other familiar faces and sounds.The Park itself is as important as the artists onstage in making memories that last lifetimes. Taking the place of the long-running Springfest, the Suwannee Spring Reunion keeps the traditions started by Springfest’s founder, Mrs. Jean Cornett, going strong. Bands invited to the first Suwannee Spring Reunion were mainly returning veterans like Donna The Buffalo, Jeff Mosier, Hot Buttered Rum and area stalwarts like Grandpa’s Cough Medicine, Quartermoon and the always-insane Tornado Rider.Our own Rex Thomson was on hand and did his best to film every act that appeared on the two main stages over the course of the weekend. We have 24 exclusive videos, which encompass nearly every act and all four days of fun. There are too many magic moments to single any out, but do yourself a favor and be sure to make it all the way to the end. The rendition of “Amazing Grace” that closed the festival presented here is one of the most moving musical moments the Park has ever scene. Enjoy!Sloppy JoeSloppy Joe (and its respective members) is the proprietor of one of the Spirit Of The Suwannee’s most infamous camp sites, “Sloppery Land.” Whether the group is hosting the late night jams or rocking the stage in the early morning, they were always a crowd pleaser!Bobby Miller & The Virginia Dare DevilsRising from the Asheville scene, Bobby Miller and company have forged a brand of Americana as fearless as it is fresh. Here’s their take on the Flatt & Scruggs classic, “White Freightliner.”Flea Market HustlersNashville’s Flea Market Hustlers aren’t concerned with keeping up with bluegrass traditions. In their world, the most important thing to do is rock the audience. When they took to Uncle Charles’s Porch Stage at the Suwannee Spring Reunion, they did just that.Grandpa’s Cough MedicineHearkening back to the roots of bluegrass, Grandpa’s Cough Medicine approaches performances with an eye for kicking up dust and knocking down convention. As always, when they took the stage at the Suwannee Spring Reunion, they were looking to stir up some trouble and the crowd at the same time.Turtle DuhksIt’s been more than a decade since the musicians who form the Turtle Duhks shared the stage together. Luckily for the crowd at this past performance, their reunion for the festival was as if they had never stopped jamming the nights away.Donna The BuffaloDonna The Buffalo delighted long-time fans with their headlining set at the Spirit Of The Suwannee Music Park’s Spring Reunion. Their beloved “Herd” greeted them with cheers and love and got it back as the band proudly proclaimed, “I Love My Tribe.”Nikki TalleyThe husband-and-wife duo of Nikki Talley and Jason Sharp have crossed the continent sharing their brand of heartfelt acoustic music. Between her sweet and wry singing and his crisp and emotional leads, they wowed the crowd.WhethermanNicholas Williams haunts the corners of the folk, Americana, and bluegrass genres with his singular blend of soul and hope. He and his friends brought the early Saturday crowd to life with their spirited set.Lon & Lis WilliamsonLongtime fixtures on the Florida folk-Americana scene, Lon & Lis Williamson, have been sharing their gift of song with fans for decades. With a little help from their friends, they brought a sense of community and love to the Suwannee Spring Reunion.QuatermoonThe Spirit Of The Suwannee Music Park has always been a second home for Quatermoon. Between their epic late-night picking parties and their sets on stage, they have made themselves a beloved fixture of the festivals held there. Roy Book BinderThe long and storied road that is Roy Book Binder’s life taught him some valuable lessons along the way. During his performance, he was more than willing to share this knowledge with his appreciative audience.Ralph Roddenberry & The B-SidesAfter receiving the finest tutelage the Athens/Atlanta area could offer, Ralph Roddenberry has been sharing his life journey and upbeat outlook with the world. A fan favorite of the Spirit Of The Suwannee faithful, he brought his message of hope, good cheer, and good beer to the festival.Jeff Mosier with Pickled HollerPickled Holler may be listed as a duo, but you rarely see them without some of their vast network of friends and family. Adding to the excitement the unofficial Suwannee religious authority, the Reverend Jeff Mosier lent his dulcet banjo tones to the entirety of their Suwannee Spring Reunion set.Jerry Douglas Presents Earls Of LeicesterJerry Douglas has dedicated his life to upholding the standards of the bluegrass masters. He founded the Earls Of Leicester to preserve and celebrate the music of the legendary Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs partnership. Their headlining set at the Suwannee Spring Reunion was one of the most highly anticipated and instantly became one of the favorites of the weekend. Habanero HoneysThe ladies that comprise the Habanero Honeys don’t get to play together much, but when they do, they make sweet music together. With Beth Judy serving as promoter of the Suwannee Spring Reunion, she still found time to join her friends onstage for a spirited Saturday morning set.The BellsThe Bells threw it down for their performance of Suwannee Spring Reunion. Check out their soulful cover of “Friend of the Devil” below!Verlon ThompsonVerlon Thompson made his mark on music history with his long partnership with Guy Clark and with his emotional mixture of storytelling and songcraft. His set at the Suwannee Spring Reunion was one of hushed respect, tears, and laughter. “Don’t You Let That Deal Go Down” “Dim Lights, Thick Smoke” Craven Rum Jam with Joe CravenMulti-instrumentalist Joe Craven brought his left-coast sensibilities and cohorts to the festival as members of Hot Buttered Rum joined him for a set of rollicking Americana. Dubbed the “Craven Rum Jam,” there was no stopping and no regrets as they powered through an hour of classics and deep cuts with smiles for miles. Sara WatkinsWhether she was with Nickel Creek, the Watkins Family Hour or all alone, Sara Watkins’ stellar instrumental skills and winsome voice never fails to entertain.Tornado RiderThe whirlwind that is Tornado Rider touched down twice on Saturday at the Suwannee Spring Reunion. Their signature mixture of virtuosity and insanity proved as popular this year as it has been every time they’ve brought their mayhem to the park.Hot Buttered RumThe sweet strains of Hot Buttered Rum filled the Suwannee Spring Reunion air twice on Saturday. Their mixture of California vibrations and mountain music traditions always results in a good time, and the Suwannee faithful danced to the wee hours as they closed the main stage down.Vassar Gospel JamThe Reverend Jeff Mosier took a few moments during the Vassar Gospel Jam to share the history of the song “Amazing Grace” while delivering a stunning rendition of the seminal song. Check out this moving end to a perfect weekend of music, friends, and family.last_img read more

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Sex for Christian Borle!

first_img Masters of Sex tells the story of two researchers of human sexuality in St. Louis, Missouri. The period drama series features many faces familiar to Broadway fans, including Tony nominees Annaleigh Ashford and Allison Janney, as well as Beau Bridges and Bullets Over Broadway’s Helene Yorke. Star Files Tony winner and Smash star Christian Borle has a new TV role lined up. No, not Captain Hook in NBC’s Peter Pan (we’re still waiting for that announcement). The Broadway favorite will appear in a recurring guest star role in the second season of Showtime’s Masters of Sex. According to Variety, Borle will play Frank (Francis) Masters, the brother of Michael Sheen’s doctor character, William Masters. View Commentscenter_img Borle’s previous screen appearances include Smash and the highly-rated The Sound of Music Live!. He won a Tony for Peter and the Starcatcher and was nominated for his performance in Legally Blonde. Additional Broadway credits include Mary Poppins, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Spamalot and Footloose. He recently starred in the New York Philharmonic’s concert presentation of Sweeney Todd. Christian Borlelast_img read more

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Letters to the Editor for Sunday, March 3

first_imgRHA should inspire votes of conscienceThere were many reasons for me to vote for Donald Trump: He made conservative sounding noises; he was (uniquely among politicians) willing to oppose the lopsided trade policies that are funding an existential threat from China; and I certainly didn’t want more of the Clintons’ shenanigans, not the least of which was facilitating the trade policy mentioned above.But among the many warts on Donald Trump was one that I could not tolerate — his support of increased coal burning and his gross denial of related environmental data. My conscience on this issue overcame my preferences in the other issues, and I could not vote for Trump. Categories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionSchenectady Italian food a taste of home In the movie “Goodfellas,” Henry Hill, who was from East New York,  Brooklyn, was put under the witness protection program and sent to a secret location.The only hint we have as to where he went is this sentence: “Right after I got here, I ordered some spaghetti with marinara sauce and got egg noodles with ketchup.” We know for sure that he was not sent to Schenectady. Frank ColemanScotia In memory of Mary E. Cappiello: In 1990 I moved from Queens to Glens Falls and worked at Fleet bank in Albany.On the first day on the job, I met Lou, an Italian from Brooklyn, who asked, “What are you going to miss from New York City?”I responded Yankee stadium baseball games, tickets on Broadway, the noisy subways and of course New York Italian food, to which Lou followed up with, “Have you ever been to Schenectady?” I responded “No.”Lou from Brooklyn went on to tell me that the Italian food in Schenectady was as good as anything in the boroughs, including the Arthur Avenue stores in the Bronx.A year later, I moved to Schenectady and walked into Cappiello’s. The smells of good food told me that I wasn’t going be homesick for New York’s Italian food anymore.I often tell my friends and family in the city that Schenectady has the best Italian food in the state. I brag about Cappiello’s, Villa Italia, Ferrari’s Perreca’s and Canali’s.  Among the many warts on Gov. Andrew Cuomo is one that I hope my Democrat and liberal friends will find intolerable. The Reproductive Health Act (RHA) is an obscenity, and the joyous celebrations by Cuomo and his supporters in the Legislature after passing it made me sick.  I respect arguments that the moment of conception should not initiate the legal status of “person.” Accordingly I would not ask the state to ban first-trimester abortion. Sparing the reader the details, second=trimester abortion is harder to tolerate. But the Reproductive Health Act denies full protection under the law to third-trimester fetuses. Terminating a 25-week-or-older fetus is inarguably killing a baby that has not passed through the birth canal. I beseech the Democrat and liberal citizens of this state to have enough conscience to protest this disgusting law with their votes in the future.Norman PerazzoGlenville  New super party will be the end of AmericaI agree wholeheartedly with Bonnie Decker’s Feb. 28 letter saying that undocumented Americans in this country illegally don’t deserve better treatment than native Americans.I believe we’re seeing a shift in the control of the nation’s future.  The Demo-cRAT party and the RepubliCan’t parties are morphing into a single super party. The first party would rather see the nation fail; it hates the president. They hate hard-working Americans. Immigrants here illegally are more deserving. They will throw us under the bus because they are RATS.The second party can’t bring itself to support an outsider. They frequently can’t agree what to do about the opposition. They can’t bring themselves support America.The coming super party will negatively affect the lives of all Americans as the new, group pushes changes that will allow them to stay in power. As the undocumented immigrants are allowed in, they will feel a party loyalty for likely several generations. The Demo-cRAT-RepubliCan’t super party will control every aspect of our lives.The parties are being joined together by a fundamental distaste for Americans. They are joined in their hatred of President Trump. They are joined in their desire to stay in office.Undocumented immigrants will be allowed to vote, first in state elections. Then the states will eventually allow them to vote in national elections. Then it will only be a matter of time until we’re overrun, totally disenfranchised and left for dead as a viable country.The new party expects it will control the one-world government. The super party won’t see the blade coming for our collective throats.Frank Van StaverenScotiaMore from The Daily Gazette:Cuomo calls for clarity on administering vaccineFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesEDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationlast_img read more

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