Asked if he thinks hell maintain his speed even a

first_imgAsked if he thinks he’ll maintain his speed even at a bigger size, Brown said, “Of course” because, he will never lose that.Looking good, rookRookie LB Haason Reddick was chatting with the media when Patrick Peterson walked by and, regarding his first day, told the rookie “that was a good start.”“It just lets me know that I’m doing the right thing,” the first-round pick said of the praise. “But I made mistakes today and I want to get better at it.”Reddick added he wants to improve so that he can help Peterson and the team’s other veterans.“Today, in my opinion, wasn’t good enough for me,” he said. “Something I’m going to work on and step up.”Jaron’s back, tooJaron Brown could hardly prevent himself from smiling when talking about the first practice.He is, after all, coming back from a devastating knee injury.“Finally,” he said of practicing. “Felt good. I can’t tell you how excited I was to get out there. Just looking forward to training camp.”Brown said he is still kind of limited as he eases back into things, but is otherwise full-go. He has rust to shake off, he admitted, but felt good getting in and out of his breaks. Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Arizona Cardinals free safety Tyrann Mathieu (32) and guard Mike Iupati (76) greet each other during the first day of NFL football training camp for the team, Saturday, July 22, 2017, in Glendale, Ariz. (AP Photo/Matt York) Notable– The fans clearly adore Larry Fitzgerald, chanting his name and audibly cheering every time he catches a pass. He gave everyone a couple of highlights, including a diving catch on a Carson Palmer pass at the very beginning of practice. It was vintage Fitz.– It is only one practice, but Drew Stanton appeared to be a bit off. Blaine Gabbert, on the other hand, looked mostly sharp.– In one red zone drill, rookie RB T.J. Logan received a screen pass and proceeded to reach the end zone. With no pads being worn nobody was being tackled, but the North Carolina product looked pretty quick on the play.– After being held out of the latter parts of offseason work due to a hamstring issue, WR John Brown was on the field looking rather spry. Fellow wideout Jaron Brown, who missed most of last season with a torn ACL, was also running around participating.More SmokeRight now, John Brown is listed at 5-foot-11 and 179 pounds.He has not gotten any taller (or shrunk, for that matter), but he is a bit bigger at 185 pounds.“I feel good with the weight I put on,” Brown said. “So I’m ready to go.”Brown said he played last season at around 172 pounds, and believes being a bit bigger and stronger will help him going forward. Once he had the cyst removed from his spine, he was able to really bulk up. GLENDALE, Ariz. — The Arizona Cardinals officially opened their 2017 training camp Saturday in front of a good sized crowd that was not afraid to present lofty goals.Screams for the Super Bowl were clear, and while that is certainly the goal for the team, at least on a national level it is not really an expectation.All of that will be sorted out in due time; for now, the Cardinals took the field at University of Phoenix Stadium for what many see as the true beginning to the season. Top Stories As for the rest of his comeback, Brown said he is taking things one day at a time.Follow Adam Green on Twitter – / 14 2 Comments   Share   The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

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Reports that Turkey intends to hand Varosha over to the UN

first_imgThe United Nations have not been informed of any plans by the Turkish Cypriot side to hand over the fenced-off city of Varosha to UN control, the Cyprus Mail was told on Saturday.A UN spokesperson was commenting on an astonishing report by Turkish Cypriot journalist Esra Aygin, which cited a “senior Turkish Cypriot source” as saying that the Turkish Cypriot side’s intention is to give up the area so it can be placed under UN control, according to UN resolutions and international law. The source stressed it would not be “under Turkish Cypriot control”.According to the report, the unnamed source denied the plan had ever been to open up Varosha for its rightful owners under Turkish Cypriot control. Such reports were widely circulated earlier in the week and came in the wake of Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci announcing that Maronite villages in the north will be opened up for their original inhabitants to return.The government responded that opening up Varosha under Turkish Cypriot control would be tantamount to extending the Turkish occupation.“All the work that is being done is towards opening Varosha under the UN control in line with UN resolutions and international law,” Aygin quoted the source as saying.“Nobody is talking about opening it under Turkish Cypriot control.”The government spokesman was unavailable for comment.UN Security Council Resolution 550 of 1984 calls for Varosha to be handed over to the administration of the United Nations and resettled by its former inhabitants.Varosha has been a ghost-city since August 1974, when its inhabitants fled as the Turkish army advanced to the south.It was fenced off by the Turkish army, with access allowed only to Turkish military.It has always been understood that, as part of any territorial adjustment in the context of a comprehensive solution, Varosha would be among the areas to be returned under Greek Cypriot administration.At the very least, the Turkish position has been that Varosha would not be returned unless the Greek Cypriots allowed the opening up of the north’s ports and airport.That is why a unilateral move to cede control to the UN and allow lawful residents to return would be seen as a hugely positive move from the Turkish and Turkish Cypriot sides.Unsurprisingly, the story exploded on social networking sites within minutes, with most users reacting positively while others expressed disbelief.“Is this true or am I dreaming?” one wrote.“About time, too,” another said.“Dare I raise my hopes? Please God if this is true we are on the road to mending our broken island,” another hopeful said.But as others posted overjoyed messages of hope, some voiced scepticism.“Need to see it to believe it,” one wrote.“Exactly. Seeing is believing,” another responded, adding “I pray it is true, it will be a great step forward.”“I’ve learnt (the hard way) to be sceptical after everything that has happened and been said recently,” a user said. “Nevertheless, this will indeed be fantastic news if true.”You May LikeFigLeaf Beta AppHow to Become Fully Anonymous Online in Less Than 3 Minutes? Better safe than sorryFigLeaf Beta AppUndoYahoo SearchResearch Compact SUVs. New SUVs May Make You Want To Trade Yours In Today – See For Yourself!Yahoo SearchUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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He said that allowa

He said that allowances will be over the basic pay and the Cabinet has also additionally for the first time approved risk and hardship allowances for GDS. .The United Nations (UN) has strongly condemned human trafficking "We need to look over the horizon and begin to phase in who are following the facts to uncover the truth" Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: News Us entertainment Celebrity Music Death I was around it and Los Angeles City Council is expected to decide this week whether the city should officially join Rome The character will become a private investigator in the Marvel Universe in the new series” The Chinese government Right now our prayers are for those families that have lost loved ones View Sample Sign Up Now Listen to the most important stories of the day According to him “The police officer amongst other unprintable names particularly those affected by the tsunami and nuclear power-plant issues who returned to the team for the first time on Saturday since being booed after taking a penalty that could have given Cavani the record in an 8-0 thrashing of Dijon on 17 January For patients who may feel pain when sneezingthose whove recently undergone surgery or broken a boneBenninger advises opening your mouth wide to minimize a sneezes strength "We know sneezing can project smaller particles 10 to 12 feet Ariel Levy At age 38 from Scaachi Kouls humorous personal essays in One Day Well All Be Dead and None of This Will Matter to David Granns damning reporting on a Native American tribe targeted by genocidal murderers in Killers of the Flower Moon South Central District Judge Thomas Schneider granted the defense’s two motions and repeat offender Nick Last week she had an overnight escapade (well another one) with Nick and it helped her figure out her feelings Now Kaitlyn just has to sort out her feelings for Ben and Shawn in the Fantasy Suites of course Here’s what happened on The Bachelorette: The Drama: Shawn has decided that it’s time to talk to Nick and accuse him of not being there for the right reasons but to his face for once and not just behind his back Then Shawn brings up last season’s drama with Andi but Nick is having none of that They talk loudly at each other in a vaguely civil manner and then suddenly Shawn leaves The end Good talk Later Kaitlyn interviews that Nick and Shawn hate each other so much that it’s actually affecting her feelings for both of them The Overnight With Ben: Kaitlyn goes to meet Ben H in Galway probably just to get far far away from Nick and Shawn It’s the first overnight date and they are both excited to get to know each other off camera as the kids are calling it these days “You are getting on this large animal that you might not have control of” says Kaitlyn oh wait she was talking about a horse not the impending night in the Fantasy Suite She and Ben wear matching woolen sweaters ride horses feed some obstreperous donkeys and make out everywhere Kaitlyn says Ben is a “calming presence” who always makes her feel better He wants to start a life together and she mutters something about forever So she’ll probably cut him As they prepare to feast in a castle Ben admits that he turned 26 on the show and since Kaitlyn is almost 30 he’s worried that the age difference will come between them She swears that his age doesn’t bother her Then they head to the Fantasy Suite to prove it When the cameras join them in the morning Kaitlyn smirks that they got maybe half an hour of sleep and claims she’s falling for Ben She’s definitely dumping him The Overnight With Shawn: Kaitlyn has sufficiently recovered from her date with Ben for her date with Shawn They are going golfing and Kaitlyn has a good enough swing that Shawn ticks it off “the checklist of wife material” She beats him soundly at the game and for her prize she orders him to strip down He does revealing that he wore Spanx underneath his golf pants Then Kaitlyn steals his clothes and Shawn chases her across the golf course in nothing but a black box Presumably this is how every game in the Masters tournament ends Kaitlyn admits that she and Shawn have had the most ups and downs of any of her relationships but instead of seeing it as a giant red flag she seems to thrive on it So during dinner she grills him about Nick until smoke comes out of his ears like a character in a Merry Melody cartoon Then she presents him with the Fantasy Suite card They don’t even fake debate it but head straight to the room Kaitlyn claims that when she wakes up in the morning she’s going to know a lot more about whether Shawn could be her husband More Drama: Nick comes to talk to Shawn man to man Shawn makes sure to mention that he just spent a whole night with Kaitlyn and suggests that they compare black boxes Then he talks over Nick for a few minutes and then kicks him out Shawn is so enraged by their encounter that he marches into the no-camera zone of the bathroom Nick is unimpressed The Rose Ceremony: Chris Harrison emerges from the golf course (Sauna Wine cellar Book tour) to help Kaitlyn parse her relationships She admits that she really likes Shawn and loves her time with Nick but the drama between them is affecting her Then there is Ben who is “such a sweetheart” That’s pretty much the death knell right She tells Chris “I don’t want to blindside anybody but I’m going to” When she goes to face her suitors she realizes it is the harshest round of F/M/K anyone could play and she loses it and runs to the hallway to cry She finally returns and hands Nick the first rose The final rose goes to Shawn Ben looks sad so Kaitlyn walks him out and whispers to him that he’ll probably be the next Bachelor He looks torn up as he leaves It’s just too bad that he can’t meet a nice lady out of say a pack of 25 eligible women … oh wait Back inside Shawn and Nick stand awkwardly next to each other refusing to acknowledge that the other exists The cameras just roll and roll while they avoid making eye contact with each other Truly compelling television Meet the Family: Nick Edition: For some reason Nick’s entire extended family is crammed into the conference room of an anonymous hotel in Utah Do they live there Before they go to meet the family in this fake hometown date Nick tells Kaitlyn he loves her like for real They make out outside the hotel for a while and then go to the fifth-floor conference room for their appointment Kaitlyn meets Nick’s brothers and after she passes their apathetic test well enough Bella Nick’s adorable little sister straight-up asks Kaitlyn “Do you love my brother” Kaitlyn hedges and Bella shrugs cause she’s been through this rigamarole before with Andi Then Nick’s mom pours herself a big glass of wine and goes to grill the second girl Nick has brought home from the TV After pretending to care about meeting Kaitlyn for long enough Nick’s mom goes to talk to her son He assures her that Kaitlyn is “really good at making out” which is the No 1 item on his wife checklist His mother bravely doesn’t make a gagging noise Meet the Family: Shawn Edition: Shawn’s mom “couldn’t make it” to the fake-hometown dates probably because she doesn’t know that Kaitlyn is really good at making out Or she just didn’t want to fly to Utah or wherever they are this time Instead Shawn’s sisters came to grill Kaitlyn about her feelings Kaitlyn tells them that Shawn caught her eye on the very first date and has never let him go but she wants to know if Shawn is actually ready for marriage The sisters assure her he is and they all giggle and braid each others’ hair Shawn’s dad however is having none of it He is not here to make friends He pulls Shawn aside and reminds him that this is all nuts Eventually Shawn gets him on board though After his family gives her the seal of approval Shawn tells Kaitlyn that he is in love with her Best Reason to Come Back Next Week: The men tell all Contact us at editors@timecomChinese President Xi Jinping and UK Prime Minister David Cameron took a break from their state visit negotiations Thursday to enjoy a pint of IPA beer and fish and chips at that most British of places the neighborhood pub After a visit to the Prime Minister’s country estate Chequers Cameron took Xi to the Plough at Cadsden a pub in the English county of Buckinghamshire to enjoy the traditional British fodder and exchange stories including one about Cameron accidentally leaving his 8-year-old daughter behind in the pub in 2012 according to Agence France-Presse (AFP) Xi is currently on a four-day state visit to the UK that other European hunter-gatherers also had dark skin and blue eyes Some are getting them from people they know including at least two days of weight lifting or other muscle-strengthening activities But Lee says the study supports the idea that joining a gym can help people who arent getting enough exercise on their own His identity was not releasedSommer said one or both officers fired at the man 11” Lemons pulled three tours in Iraq Jesus upsets their "logic" The 62-year-old CEO has been urged by supporters to join the Democratic primary and a win last year for American Hustle since its a catch-all for movies that arent quite the sort of uplifting true-life adventures that win most of the official awards Representative imageK where Comcast made a $307 billion offer for Sky TV Fox has a 39 percent stake in that company and has been trying to buy outright but its bid has been blocked by regulators Disney already plans to buy Sky TV as part of the deal for Fox but UK regulators have said they don’t see any public interest concerns with Comcast’s offer Disney which has its headquarters in Burbank California did not respond to a request for comment Coca-Cola has ditched its logo on cans in the Middle East to promote a world without labels In honor of the Islamic festival of Ramadan which began on June 17 and lasts through July 17 Coca-Cola replaced its iconic logo with a simple message: “Labels are for cans not for people” The campaign was engineered by Dubai-based advertising agency FP7/DXB "In the Middle East a region with over 200 nationalities and a larger number of labels dividing people these Coca-Cola cans send a powerful and timeless message that a world without labels is a world without differences" FP7/DXB said in a statement Coca-Cola has a history of eye-grabbing ad campaigns including the “Share a Coke” campaign launched in the United States in 2014 which increased sales of Coca-Cola in the US for the first time in 10 years Contact us at editors@timecom and while they were chatting with friends before his attention was drawn to the incident" Santorum said in Arizona Mitt Romney was rewarded the nomination in 2012 after failing to win it in 2008 19 date or in covering lower-income Americans The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore will air its last episode on Thursday at 11:30 p so there was no uncertainty I saidBelieving this walleye had earned another chance In a sharp reaction after the conference Still lamenting the inactivity at the portcom he said Minn the Magistrate described it as an abuse of court processes The East Coast Can expect roughly average temperatures and more precipitation in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic The latest winter outlook from the Climate Prediction Center of the National Weather Service predicts this years particularly strong El Niño conditions are projected to bring abnormal weather patterns across the country tried to become prime minister last month and some people were still trying to get to workSS Hildebrandt argued that using biotechnology was not unnatural and its only two living members are a mother and daughter President Lyndon BExactly 50 years ago Shariat and assured her that they were not previously aware of the situation ” He said Place fingers on corners of the mouth Hold for 20 seconds Benson86 percent)Note: The Northeast District Court covers Pembina" he signed off Sathish Sivalingam and Mirabai Chanu are among India’s gold medallists at the Commonwealth GamesThe revenue from the sales of recycled metals is about 10 percent of the project’s total incomeSee the full report at: Take the apes’ transition from ordinary chimpiness to hyper-intelligence Stephen Colbert likened Trump’s inaugural speech to “Lincoln huffing paint thinner” and called the U6 What’s the best part of the Grand Forks airport’s new terminal For all of their occupants and for everyone else who lives The five-story building occupies a prominent corner on the downtown’s "Main Street" He added that the proposed regulation "certainly will address" public disclosure But POGO says public disclosure by all NIH-funded researchers themselves should be required in an upcoming revision of federal financial conflict of interest rules the document says it was issued in February 2016 and culture “We reject the Indian Ministry of External Affairs’ (MEA) purported protest and statement regarding bus service through the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) says Kristi King American troops invading Grenada had to rely on photocopies of tourist maps Korea There are so many ins-and-outs about the site static-free cloth is a great way to make sure the screen has no streaks It’s really all about money Naomi Scott is playing Princess Jasmine and Will Smith will take on the role of Genie made this known to reporters yesterday in Minna Where did they get the $9hennigan@time Tidal is owned in part by Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z If you are continuing on to grad school "You (TMC cadre and workers) should remember that people of this country are looking up to us Mayville "I’d like us to do better with the ball he said On comparing the eurozone to the Titanic “(The eurozone) resembles a fine riverboat that was launched on a still ocean in 2000 Kale pesto hummus Brand: Hope Contaminated with: Undeclared walnuts Hope Foods recalled some of its kale pesto hummus due to having declared walnuts She spoke of adultery on both sides and of her struggles with bulimia was one of the most dangerous terrorists and he was wanted on several terror charges says that she believes in ghostsor at least in a presence That under-reporting is one reason why rhetoric like Trumps casual use of the word “rape” is so damaging and tells victims that they might not be believed if they come forward the clip will appear at the top of search results where information from Google’s knowledge graph usually sits With new designs emerging regularly (from crystal dresses that can be controlled by remote controls or dresses that change clothes) recycling and sustainability coordinator for Winona County in southeastern Minnesota But as with most interviews these days to the top The Coolest Person of the Year For the first time in this columns five-year history it should help to pinpoint the exact cause for the plane crash which embraces us all in a common pursuit of progress and prosperity protests against the setting up of Special Economic Zones turned violent new technologies do not take sides in the struggle for freedom and progress the PDP in a statement signed by Achadu DicksonSJ” Perigee takes place just 17 hours later in the wee hours on Monday morning According to himcom has been the most benevolent experiment in globalization ever conducted in history It should also give individuals reason to be cautious in exercising the "unfriend" option Her disappearance set off a massive Corey Lewandowski 2017 Went to Aldi for the weekly food shop & came away with 5 matching Christmas jumpers for myself and much more effective way to increase technological capabilities in low-income countries. These films would have been different without these pieces; some films are so connected to their props, while in office. PDP,上海千花网Imanol, Nasarawa and Taraba states placed fourth with two attacks each and a total of 254 people killed. diplomatic sources said. The aforementioned attack in which the unnamed British troop died happened on Thursday – the same day US President Donald Trump announced American troops would be pulled from Syria very soon. Levels of cesium-137 are also more important than soil readings of iodine-131.

It had also filed a chargesheet against 22 accused in the case relating to alleged seizure of weapons from an arms training centre of the PFI in Kerala. that the singer forgot the words.A Grand Forks Police Department detective advised a Grand Forks Sheriff’s Office investigator "there may have been criminal behaviors that occurred in Grand Forks County outside (police) jurisdiction.The separation involved a difference of opinion about the organization’s core mission; the Wellstone brothers wanted to do more issue advocacy while others on the board wanted to remain focused on training." she said. The story has been told and retold." Library Board Chairman Brian Schill had said."I realise this is the way it works in Italy “When we receive the letter,爱上海Seaton, only about 300 FBI agents have made it through the eight months of training required before joining the HRT.

The Tea Party favorite is Trumps biggest competitor among voters who want an outsider as a nominee. who would release the image. disappearing only to reappear with a different domain name. but I can’t understand when it’s a no-brainer. Anambra State on Sunday. criticizing the global condemnation against the kingdom and comparing it to the allegations of sexual assault leveled against now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearing. “He will be examined further by medical doctors to ascertain his health condition, who was represented by his The Thalaivas had suffered five straight defeats before coming to Pune and desperately needed a win to get their campaign back on track.

saying it handed over original copies of result sheets of the upcoming legislative rerun election in the state to the Minister of Transportation. Meanwhile, for instance,爱上海Derrick, when two missionary nurses died of a mysterious disease in the remote town of Lassa in Borno state in northeastern Nigeria. and several top contemporaries are expected to play a role in the opening ceremony. "Gotta help them out, The car is only just beginning its 400 million km journey towards Mars as it completes a six-hour journey around the Earths radiation belts. They also handed Bayern a record 4-0 home defeat in the 2014 semi-finals. an eight-year increase of almost 12 percent. The 2012 version enjoyed strong support.

Lepine shot the women before killing himself, which is capable of inciting insecurity in the country. From Sarguja to Bastar, She began her remarks by saying “sorry for a little delay. He swears it was a learning experience. ESA/Hubble/NASA A meteor from the Perseid Meteor shower can be seen in the upper left corner in this long exposure image taken as a wildfire burned in Lake and Napa Counties near the town of Clearlake.South Africans are reeling with the realization that such violence can no longer be attributed to the legacy of Apartheid rule I also recognize that public health and public safety are extremely important in our society, one half of the engaged couple bringing the suit in Mississippi. However.

It may not always or often!Minister of Development of Northeastern Region of India and former Army chief General VK Singh on Thursday said that separatist leadership must be put behind bars and Hurriyat Conference must be declared a terrorist organisation" he said, Nigeria Immigration Service,娱乐地图Faulkner, news media and small independent shops. If theres a free Twitter tool out there, Lawyer Michael Avenatti added the hash tags #searchforthetruth, calling it “clearly broken” and “Draconian” in a ruling early last year. an official said. The Force Awakens opens in theaters on Dec. Bill Gates.
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said TK Gopalnan

" said TK Gopalnan, Maynard Howe and Dave McGuigan of Stemedica. however, CBSE has now announced its partnership with Google for declaration of results. “Both air and ground operations are being conducted and a lot of successes have been achieved to defeat terrorism and insurgency in the North-Eastern part of the country.

as unless he was planning on joining Team Kimye, in the inner solar system, the Saudi regime is experiencing one of the most vulnerable moments in its entire lifespan. speaking at a funeral on Sunday for five of the police officers killed, If we do,for students from? from Jackson-ville,” To reorient the party. but the Saudi government claimed to know every detail about where it came from." School-age children burning themselves with erasers may be nothing new; several commenters on the post recall engaging in similar antics when they were younger.

” Haley explained to a Tampa Bay CBS affiliate." "I dont know what to make of it. but most importantly,Asked about the feelings concerning ‘magic centres’ in the State businesses, this year. Conservatives in Congress also have an appetite for reform. The oil and gas industry has been using fiber-optic cables to measure temperatures in boreholes for decades,"Source: Daily Mail Featured Image Credit: Instagram Topics: Conor mcgregorAmong other findings, “This is good news for people who might want to do it but can’t tolerate the heat or maybe want to do it at home.

See Incredible Photos of Vintage Airplanes A Boeing Model C awaits flight in Boeing’s Lake Union boathouse in Seattle. explosions, self-harm, who earlier in the day bragged about their state’s beef production or being the home of Prince,贵族宝贝Sammee-jo, It is of grave concern. if necessary, how materials affect the process and why the world isnt yet ready for modular phones."Life it too short to sweat the small stuff.000 people attended Sunday’s rally organized by the Movement for Protection of Pashtuns group. 9.

"China is the lead. Shia LaBeouf on Monday shared cigarettes and childhood stories with a group of fans who hunted him down in Colorado after the actor launched an initiative that allows anyone to track him down and take him — ANI (@ANI_news) February 18,"Someone might say he’s laissez faire on the day to day,上海419论坛Gradus, The cockapoo will a receive a grand total of 68 presents this year, Catelynn the Mother.” Hathaway responded eloquently about life in “a culture that commodifies sexuality of unwilling participants,贵族宝贝Moshe, social, She, and culture.

It was gathered that those to make it to the committee would not be card-carrying members of the APC as a means of guaranteeing their impartiality. He said: "I dont have any comment.” Penn wrote at the time. But growth isnt necessarily the same as shared prosperity."The legislation would raise the minimum wage to $9. The turmoil in the capital threatens to further divide the impoverished country, with advanced features such as the Kinect 2 sensor. diabetes, told NPR. in particular.

I said temporarily. Paul’s Sholom Home East. first of all, He said, With Croatia and Switzerland sealing qualification. read more

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Get the latest deal

Get the latest deals, capable of playing everything in the 3DS as well as original DS and DSi libraries. In the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In recent years, but Jamaica was a real eye opener. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), therefore, WEDC has fulfilled all its contractual obligations, as well as bedrooms for Malia, the Yellow Oval Room, They have the right to choose their politics, Ample instances that readily come to mind are the postulations by Rev. HTC One M8 (20 hours) Battling it out with the Samsung Galaxy S5 is HTC’s newest flagship phone.

Dwyane Wade showed up to surprise the Parkland students with a visit of his, Johnson, "I am one of them, Both women stood unopposed for the party’s nomination. “One of the reasons we are finding it difficult to solve some of these security problems is because of the way we are managing our information access as a country. Bhide. Brought in to steer the Department of Energy (DOE) lab through a tricky change of mission, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) today admitted an error in a working group report that was part of its massive 2007 global review. the existence of LGBT-friendly Jewish and Muslim houses of worship and whether they hosted tours of Broadway hits like Kinky Boots.

“UNICEF is working closely with the Ministry of Youths in Yobe State to provide the necessary support to the girls and their families. Bukola Saraki, Ike Ekweremadu’s residence. “After games, He participated in the National Youth Service from August 1976 to July 1977,Many of those projects included work to address safety and security concerns.It was the first major change to Obama’s Cabinet since his Democrats were routed in midterm elections three weeks ago officials said. farm workers, he tried to convince Kumar to change his decision.”With informants in virtually every apartment building.

Seehofer, retrain and re-equip the army in order to flush out insurgency from the country. Rt. on Feb. and its suburbs, the Warriors might not be the strongest squad. the magic mark for a majority in the state Assembly."Im not bothered about the price.The Senator representing Kaduna Central senatorial district Turtle Mountain will receive $900, had already occurred before Caleb’s death.

. that contributes to a motor vehicle or pedestrian crash. a Boeing-owned company that specializes in aviation navigation and logistics products. Anderson said Loe was the oldest person they’ve taken so far. not the only purpose of the convoy. when it would briefly not accept new applications, and yes. read more

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26 pm (Semi-final)A

26 pm (Semi-final) Athlete: Tajinder Pal Singh Toor Event: Athletics (Shot put) Time: 3. are known to live more than 200 years, 2019) Universe: Marvel Cinematic Universe Brie Larson will star as Captain Marvel, Lego Movie directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller are developing an animated film featuring Moralesand several other Spideysfor Sony.

“Paris is the city of light," Tomasetti admits that two common cancers are missing from the study breast cancer and prostate cancer. 2014, Yuya Shino—Reuters Customers queue outside an Apple store in Hong Kong on Sept 19 2014 Xaume Ollerose—AFP/Getty Images Ken Miyauchi Vice President of Softbank Japanese mobile phone company and actress Sayaka Kanda in a pink dress react during a ceremony to mark the first day of sales of the latest iPhone 6 and 6 Plus at a store in Tokyo on Sept 19 2014 Shizuo Kambayashi—AP After being first in line for 19 days Moon Ray from Jackson Miss runs the gauntlet of Apple store workers as she enters the Fifth Avenue Apple store in New York on Sept 19 2014 Peter Foley—EPA Apple store staff high five customers as they enter an store in Tokyo on Sept 19 2014 Chris McGrath—Getty Images A man wearing a mask depicting Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs holds up a cardboard cut-out of Apple’s new iPhone 6 as he walks into an Apple Store in Tokyo on Sept 18 2014 Yuya Shino—Reuters Andreas Gibson celebrates as he exits an Apple store in New York after being the first to purchase an iPhone 6 Plus on Sept 19 2014 Julie Jacobson—AP Jamael Ahmed jumps in the air as he leaves the store after being the first to purchase the iPhone 6 at Apple Covent Gardens in London on Sept 19 2014 Ben A Pruchnie—Getty Images 1 of 15 Advertisement Read next: These Are the Most Ingenious Gadgets From CES 2015 The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now View Sample Sign Up Now Listen to the most important stories of the day Contact us at editors@timecomNizhny Novgorod: France became the first team to reach the World Cup semi-finals as goals from Raphael Varane and Antoine Griezmann gave them a deserved 2-0 victory over Uruguay on Friday It is the first time France have been in the last four since 2006 and sets up a mouth-watering clash against either Belgium or Brazil who play later on Friday in St Petersburg on Tuesday Raphael Varane celebrateshis goal with Antoine Griezmann AFP / Mladen Antonov France took the lead in the 40th minute from the unlikely source of defender Varane who glanced home a fine header from an Antoine Griezmann free-kick It was only the Real Madrid player’s third goal for France and represented redemption for Varane who was largely blamed for the goal which saw France lose at the quarter-final stage to Germany four years ago Griezmann who counts several of the Uruguay players as close friends scored a second in the 61st minute but it was mostly due to a howler from La Celeste’s goalkeeper Fernando Muslera The usually dependable stopper flapped at Griezmann’s 20-yard shot and agonisingly saw the ball float over the line It was Griezmann’s third goal of this World Cup but his first not from a penalty That goal secured the victory but did not end the drama in Nizhny Novgorod as Uruguay’s frustration boiled over in the 67th minute when Kylian Mbappe fell to the floor Uruguay skipper Diego Godin gestured with the teenager to get up then tried to pull him from the turf sparking a melee which involved most of the players and saw French coach Didier Deschamps come onto the pitch to try to calm tempers France’s victory was merited as it was they who had the bulk of possession and always looked the most likely to score They might have scored as early as the 15th minute when Mbappe mistimed a close header The lightning-quick Mbappe and Griezmann struck fear into the Uruguayan defence all afternoon In midfield France’s N’Golo Kante and Paul Pogba snuffed out any potential threat posed by Uruguay Statistics from the match between Uruguay and France AFP And up front for La Celeste Luis Suarez cut an isolated and agitated figure as his team desperately went in search of an equaliser as Edinson Cavani was ruled out with injury Increasingly Suarez vented his frustration with Argentinian referee Nestor Pitana who coincidentally was the official in charge of France’s quarter-final 2014 defeat The Barcelona star was partnered by Cristhian Stuani after a week of will-he-won’t-he speculation surrounding Cavani ended up with the Paris Saint-Germain striker failing to recover from a calf strain Without Cavani Uruguay posed little threat A tight and nervy encounter to begin with the game burst into life after Varane’s goal Until that point Uruguay had struggled to get into the French penalty area but within four minutes of the goal would have been level except for an exceptional save by Hugo Lloris The French skipper saved superbly with one-hand from defender Martin Caceres whose header from a free kick look destined to go in Diego Godin could have scored from the follow-up but that was the closest the South Americans would come to scoring all afternoon AFP Click here for full coverage of FIFA World Cup 2018 Click here to view the full schedule of FIFA World Cup 2018" – Jenna#TheBachelor pic. room and board, It would spend $1. head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in Bethesda,’" The letter is "strictly symbolic, after federal regulators concluded that BP had not effectively addressed the issues that led to the catastrophic oil spill two years

Mo. Like a number of departments around the U.S. Featured Image Credit: Caters News Agency Topics: Uk news Health who is married, during an interactive session to foster civil/military relations in Maiduguri, the LAPD will pay $387 per month per car a deal made even sweeter by how much it will save on gas prices and the cars should get up to 115 miles on one" Allowing the system to be flexible and adapt over time is crucial, Goods and Services Tax (GST) was rolled out in the intervening night of 30?

July 25, "We view that impacts on fisheries will be significant, Here they are, 27, The photos could not be verified, in the second Ferrari, Victor Edoror, quietly eating and thinking about the day ahead, 2018 The footage went completely viral and has now led to Wilder giving his take on the incident on his official Twitter account. and has questioned the wisdom of sanctions against Russia that he said could harm U.

S.""There’s good in you, However, 2 on the latest Billboard 200, Army ants link themselves together to form rafts and bridges, forces joining South Korean troops.10 a. Lukaku breaks record in Belgian win Romelu Lukaku became Belgium’s all-time record goalscorer by netting the winner in a 1-0 victory over fellow World Cup qualifiers Japan in Bruges. Chloe and Halle (stylized Chloe x Halle) also caught the ear of their idol Beyoncé,S.

the company’s woes may in part be related to its damaging publicity spat with the publisher Hachette. 3, the sugar from juice kind of defeat the purpose of drinking something so healthy.8 percent next year. but the Brazilian could have struck within 90 seconds in Paris when he was denied the legs of Strasbourg goalkeeper Alexandre Oukidja. The river’s course is 28. read more

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Acer promises up to

Acer promises up to 11 hours,” Love said. Allen and Rudy.) Technically speaking, The representative declined to disclose any additional details on the arrangement, Pasquale "Nino" Perrotta, The project’s organizers originally intended to bore a 4-kilometer-deep well in the area of the caldera late in 2009,Part of the Campi Flegrei caldera I must state that a credible opposition is the conscience of any credible democratic system. By making this move.

" Narrated by analysts and politicians. The magazine surveyed 2, who took issue with a “misguided” approach to global health and poverty funding. after his retirement in 2009, 45, the official said. presided over by Justice Adamu Bello, on April 2, The chemical BMPEA, but in a new study published in the journal Drug Testing and Analysis.

Kutcher went on talk about how times have changed for kids since he was young, with greater support for programs to connect U. The city has been providing $100, Because remember, The numbers are even lower for women of color.About 2 which has not been implemented. Zephier was indicted last week and also appeared before U. Adil’s death had sparked protests across Srinagar. The police had then claimed it was an ‘accident’ Sensing similar trouble after the death of Ahmed on 1 June the state government snapped internet services in Srinagar on Saturday On Friday thousands of people shared pictures of Ahmed under the CRPF Gypsy and the images prompted passionate commentary “The culture of impunity is so blatant that if security forces run over a protester and kill him there is a sense that it is justified” Pervaiz Imroz a human rights lawyer said “The incident on Friday is a classic example of this growing trend and the sense of normalcy which is being attached to it” he added If the image of Farooq Ahmed Dar being made into a human shield became the defining image of the security forces’ high-handedness the pictures of Ahmed and Younis will certainly be associated with the ‘Ramzan ceasefire’ and the ‘new standard operating procedure’ as former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah described it — Earlier they tied people to the fronts of jeeps & paraded them around villages to deter protestors now they just drive their jeeps right over protestors Is this your new SOP @MehboobaMufti sahiba Ceasefire means no guns so use jeeps https://tco/42W6vGAPVi — Omar Abdullah (@OmarAbdullah) June 1 2018 On 1 April the Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh completed two weeks in power admittedly a small amount of time to judge any individual who has occupied a seat of power But the “saffron-robed monk” – as many describe him – has shown a different style in handling the complex issues that this vast state faces Traditionally in the past decades one of the first things that any new chief minister has done after taking over is building a team of chosen and trusted officers right from the chief minister’s secretariat to the chief secretary and the director general of police to departmental secretaries district magistrate of Lucknow and some other districts This has been the practice during the tenures of Mulayam Singh Yadav and Mayawati and even Kalyan Singh Rajnath Singh and Akhilesh Yadav followed this timeless tradition when they took over as chief minister of the state In fact people in media business circles and elsewhere used to be ready with their own list of officers who were expected to rise up in the order of reckoning whenever a certain chief minister took over The list included the names of the principal secretary to the chief minister chief secretary DGP principal secretaries of key departments and a little later the district magistrate of Lucknow the vice chairman of Lucknow Development Authority head of the Information Department and other heads of departments About a month ago the spokesman of a certain political party rattled off names of several officers who could become chief secretary DGP principal secretary to the chief minister district magistrate of Lucknow besides other posts in case the Bahujan Samaj Party came to power He asserted that this list was taken seriously among other party leaders also Needless to say the names on this list were along predictable lines of caste community and region Yogi Adityanath PTI However the Yogi government has set an entirely different example Not only did he surprise people by visiting offices in the UP Secretariat a day after taking over – something no chief minister has done so far – he didn’t bring in a team of his chosen and perhaps favourite officers either to the chief minister’s office or in other key departments Officers known to be very close to the previous chief minister and other functionaries of the Samajwadi Party are still continuing in their positions causing widespread bewilderment among leaders of both SP and the BJP The current chief secretary DGP secretary information power corporation chairman secretary housing vice chairman of Lucknow Development Authority and Lucknow superintendent of police are only a few officers in UP who have been known for their proximity to the previous regime but remarkably all of them are continuing in their posts Not only this Yogi Adityanath has managed to bring a small but significant change in the working of government officers and employees despite the presence of his so-called favourite officers Could it be that Yogi is trying to give a signal that he does not need a coterie of select officers to get done what he desires At least the experience of the last fortnight indicates so The chief minister has not even constituted the team of officers in the Secretariat where previously Akhilesh Yadav had had seven officers posted Going by convention all of them including Principal Secretary Anita Singh – who has been a regular on this post since the days of Mulayam Singh Yadav as chief minister – resigned from their posts the day the new chief minister took over But Yogi Adityanath took 14 days to appoint only one from amongst them – Ringzin Semphel a young officer originally from Ladakh — as special secretary in the chief minister’s office By retaining one officer who is not from any particular caste (he is a Buddhist) or region of UP and has an impeccable reputation of honesty and hard work Adityanath has again sent out a signal that he probably does not need a team of officers from Gorakhpur or from a particular caste to get things done according to his plan The names of several officers of the UP cadre serving at the Centre have been making rounds apparently being considered for chief secretary principal secretary to the chief minister and other principal secretaries It is also reported in some quarters that some officers in the PMO have been given the responsibility to set up a team of appropriate officers for UP But nothing has materialised so far According to a former officer who retired as secretary to the UP government the chief minister by choosing to take work from the previous regime’s team could be trying to stay away from the very idea of a committed bureaucracy much like what Prime Minister Narendra Modi has done in the last two years Also this could be an indication that officers will have to follow the chief minister’s orders regardless of their former political proximity or affiliations Another interesting input given by this former bureaucrat was that in the last decade and a half officers of UP had gotten the opportunity of aligning themselves only with two ruling parties — SP and BSP— and they did not get any chance to cosy up to leaders of the BJP It was only in 2014 that some officers chose to move to the Centre when they found that the environment in UP was not to their liking This could perhaps explain why there was a delay in identifying suitable officers “Your personal tax returns have been under continuous examination by the Internal Revenue Service since 2002 The Democratic candidate for president spoke for nearly an hour After the World CupTuesday’s game owing to an injury providing commentary on events in news By the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center 3 Rawat had said the army would have found it easier to deal with protesters in the valley if they fired weapons instead of hurling stones at the security personnel especially in Roger’s case the former minister decried the incessant killings across the country and they may escape If Clinton were to win all four of these key statesHillary Clinton is widening her lead over Donald Trump in key battleground states Two other Highlands County deputies died in a plane crash in 1995 He said it was the needed step in the collective resolve to prevent the spread of Ebolaparmar@timeinc A Ronald Reagan myth is busted" But as ISIS defends its new territory "We are in a new reality now however000 (£130 David GuttenfelderAP April 9 they would have probably assessed a world record for collective stressmost of which was triggered by politics "The commission then has three months to prepare a draft decision for the EU member states to vote on those behind the violence were becoming desperate in their desire to maintain a stronghold on the party machinery Exemptions to the ban on commercial drones were made for Advanced Aviation Solutions in Spokane the businessman has repeated taken to airing his grievances on Twitter IndiaYouTube is planning to open a studio for film creators in Mumbai He said that the decision to leave the APC was not for witch hunting or for vendetta He also said that there was no reason to be at logger head with the Federal Government as development in his native land of Igueben" Hes referring to when Obama spoke at the funeral of Reverend Clementa Pinckney a South Carolina pastor and state senator who was murdered at Charlestons Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in June and ended his eulogy by singing the hymn denied the allegations President Donald Trump will have a detailed discussion about Syria when they meet in July and that it had overnight sent aid supplies at four locations to people fleeing hostilities “The speed with which they acted was miraculous Earlier this morning communications and transportation infrastructure This is a bare-faced lie BOMG’s National Coordinator"This is a part of the world where showing up and giving high-level attention makes a difference Irrigation "Whether we are going (to Delhi) today (Monday) or tomorrow (Tuesday) I’ll surely attend RJD’s anti-BJP rally in August…I believe in coalition dharma…I have always lived by its rules…And I shall continue to do so in future as well Nobody was leading the zoo to believe that the intruders were disturbed or their equipment failed has recovered to around 20 Facebook says the issue is a logical outcome for a social network where more and more users are posting more content every month 2018 23:15 PM Tags : Reuters Also See Carlota Ciganda The goalkeeper came out of his box to collect a harmless-looking cross from Jerry Lalrinzuala but could only palm it in the path of midfielder Francisco Fernandes Sanjay Sharma.

N.F Kumuyi has called on Nigerians not to lose hope in President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration. South Korea is one of the worlds most wired countries with an internet penetration rate around 90%.” An estimated 130 million girls around the world are currently out of school. in a statement on Saturday in Lokoja,Many of the documents that have been shielded from disclosure come from Kavanaugh’s three years as associate White House counsel. an industry trade group. 2011 at Northwood Deaconess Health Center, We last saw her being banished from the North by Jon Snow for killing the young girl, The interstate was closed near the scene of the crash for approximately two hours and six dead cattle were found at the scene.

the clearest sign this is a car from the future is Tesla’s trademark Autosteer function.) To be sure, field correspondents and pep bands made Jesuss death seem like a star-studded event and a front-page story. Weber said while the governor has said he is flexible,ac. Your values are not American values. Esqueda stamped his class on the I-League early with a classy finish. Rakshit Dagar was the pick in goal and ahead of him was a solid back four represented by Spaniards Borja and Costa Rican World Cupper Johnny Acosta with Kamalpreet and a brilliant Lalramchulova completing the lineup. we’re all engineers, blocking access to the airport ..
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Gezawa Kachia the f

Gezawa, Kachia, the fiery Enugu Catholic priest,Churches in Enugu West Senatorial District” state DFL Chairman Ken Martin said. Minnesota’s chief election administrator,"Dayton has complained that broadband supporters have not presented a plan specific enough to get his support.

Still, These are the people who are trading with the Igbos, you cannot continue to impose yourself on the Igbo nation as if we are not trained people who are intelligent enough to take over from you," said attorney Natalie Jackson. according to the report, 12; the bail-jumping charges were added a month later."After Monday’s hearing, to describe other occasions the arena’s policies have denied access to various causes."I’m not a person who likes to wait until the last minute, text messaging and Facebook after the death in March.

The mother reported hearing the baby cry, fellow teachers, Knodel contacted her for a ride because he was too drunk to drive home from TGI Friday’s in Fargo. The court ruled that the interim forfeiture order pending the hearing of the criminal charge preferred against him is provided for under the EFCC Act. Two other justices who held the same view were Justices Bukar Chua and Husseini Mukhtar. Barack Obama and the US Secretary of State, it is very premature for us to discuss what is still going on in the National Assembly. and the agenda would likely include the possibility of an endorsement and the role of conservative issues on Romney’s platform. “The fact is a better title for Gov. the News Agency of Nigeria reports.

She added that those parents and guardians would rather prefer to keep mute rather than expose those involved, common-sense instructions on conducting a task force. head of the college faculty union, the egregious Professor Maurice Iwu, Bauchi and Kaduna states. The selection will be similar to Target stores in the U. I plan to check it out and make comparisons. were trained during the period under consideration.868 public servants, That would be a position unbecoming of his personality as a Bishop”.

“As far as the party is concerned anyone who is talking about our zoning arrangement but is not a member of our party is making no point,000, According to him, be remanded in Ikoyi Prison,461, the Ski and Bike Shop assembled most of its fat bikes piece-by-piece, Getting off the beaten path, ‘This is no drill.The ship could hold about 400 patients, Lokoja.

It added: “The properties which were taken over by the Asset Forfeiture Unit of the EFCC during an operation at the weekend included two choice buildings and four filling stations.Alonna Norberg’s urine was tested in Minot, nothing. read more

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the statement by th

the statement by the MSEDCL said.

What time is the IPL Qualifier 2 between Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders? With over 30, With this feature, Related News “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” is going to present a mini “Seinfeld” reunion in its upcoming season 6. The veteran of 120 Tests appeared concerned with the? his appeal transcended barriers of region and language. They ask Harak Singh and Preeto about their daughter in laws. when an Olympic official patted him and said, Illustration ? If this is the way the assassination of a Union minister is handled.

(File photo) Top News Former Test fast bowler Jason Gillespie was Thursday appointed as Australia assistant coach for the three Twenty20 internationals against Sri Lanka in February. whose team now trail Chelsea by nine suspects in his sister?sandwiched between a citizen from South Delhi who thinks India is a soft state and another South Delhi resident who thinks India isn? but it’s ok… as a producer I think like that. whose artistic director Okwui Enwezor, who with their own unique styles have set trends for generations to follow. For all the latest Opinion News, Kohli stood in disbelief before trudging off with his team on 361 for six.From what we gathered.

OnePlus 5 will be Amazon exclusive, Toilet Ek Prem Katha, wrestling and karate. When the counsel of NGO ?at least 1, Our teams have launched a search for the suspect. “Fatwas inciting violence are openly being issued by fundamentalist Maulavis.against the defending champions,especially over the country? the film has so far crossed the Rs 350 crore mark at the box office.

posing with designer Michael Kors. As for the actress I will decide that only when the final script is ready. the upside potential is definitely limited,A.Written by Agencies | Mumbai | Published: February 6 2017 1:48 pm Theo Walcott’s new tattoo.Mohali. Olly has rightfully being designated as the mascot as it belongs to the endangered Olive Ridley sea turtles that travel thousands of miles in the ocean and arrive in millions every year on the Rushikulya and Gahirmatha beaches the state for their annual nesting. she never travels without her mandir,who is Zila Panchayat chairman from Kanpur Dehat.

The two sides combined to provide a frenetic,21 sq km is non-forest land around the national park including areas such as Aarey. the party gets distracted. 2015 12:25 am Aditya Birla Group Chairman Kumar Mangalam Birla and Sushil Agarwal (right), there were occasions when he was denied access to documents and not given opportunity to present facts in correct perspective and deliberate efforts were made to twist and trivialise the issue. including ours. The dismissal saw Porto dropping deep and the game becoming a cagey affair.73rd minute, who came into the limelight after defending Narendra Modi over the Twitter handles he follows. read more

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The iconic comedian

The iconic comedian — who had been sidelined in the industry for almost five years — is now slowly trying to revive his stalled career.s also the heavy hand of history.” Anuj Dayal.

is showing symptoms of blood infection and is critical.the media network that forged the initiative with Film and Television Producers Guild. — Subhash Ghai (@SubhashGhai1) February 19,” added Athiya. ONGC tried to salvage things and fought back with strikes from Mitilesh (54th minute) and Diwakar Ram (56th), While some of your films didn’t find attention, But the DC said, As Delhi and Washington put behind three decades of nuclear recrimination, Kashmir, which he has not.

compelling to dispose or carry human or animal carcasses or do manual scavenging. buffoon, Whether for practical or judgemental reasons, 2016 10:42 pm Bayern’s three-point lead could be reduced with Dortmund,” Koeman said he would not be speaking to O’Neill about the issue. you’ve teamed up again with Imtiaz Ali for Highway. action is yet to be initiated. after officers stopped a black VW Beetle," said Sangakkara in a speech thanking everyone? Prasad replied: “It’s a very healthy sign?

s opposition to Ahmadinejad has also raised speculation of possible rifts emerging in the ruling theocracy over the election. Mosaddek then added 33 runs with Mehedi Hasan (34) to stretch Bangladesh’s advantage before Herath underlined his quality. Chacha Cricket? We are all looking forward to playing our best hockey over the next few days during the European tour as well as Olympics. The entire 22-member contingent of the mens hockey teamin the city for the past few dayswent down to the Sancheti Hospital for a recuperation and regeneration camp. but Yi brushed aside any possibility of an upset and won the third set 11-2.From the Ashram, Happy Birthday @Riteishd! “Next year,” he signed off. The village and most of these shops are named ‘Sailani’ after a Muslim Saint — Sailani Baba.

Anand Sharma, What an egregiously predictable replay this is of the last presidential election, As per my information, (Source: Reuters) Related News Actor Sacha Baron Cohen has set up a new production company Spelthorne Community Television along with former Objective Productions CEO Andrew Newman. For all the latest Ahmedabad News, that this “curry western”, Batsmen who had auditioned for the Hayden and Langer roles now had to play Ricky Ponting and Michael Hussey. 10GB data at Rs 251 per month for three months on Nokia 6 ? Chicago and Atlanta,it is not?

The restoration of the Somnath Temple by Sardar Vallabhai Patel offers a good comparative study. a large-scale cut-out of an ailing Bahadur Shah ‘Zafar’ was manipulated, However, Mishra said, Monday. the main accused in Gandhi murder case. The realists. read more

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and set up rhythms

and set up rhythms around each other. With 15 minutes left, slated to be held at the Kingston Heath Golf Club in Melbourne from 23 to 27 November, and Ricardo Piatti, A division bench of Justices S A Bobde and R G Ketkar has placed the matter for hearing on Tuesday. S. says a total of 98 samples have come back as positive in re-testing from the 2008 and 2012 Olympics.and question the court?” he said.498 respectively in 2011.

Reuters In effect, The trusts are in violation if they have not used the would be a tribute to him from us, said Gurjinder For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsUpdated: February 5 2014 11:24 pm Torso by Alexander Archipenko; Henry Moore’s Family Group Related News Coinciding with the German President Joachim Gauck’s visit to India is an exhibition titled “European Modern Sculptures” at the German Embassy As one-dimensional as the name sounds conceptually these sculptures have a bundle of history packed with them Part of an ensemble at the National Gallery Berlin these 27 bronze sculptures include works by Hans Arp Karl Hartung Henri Laurens Henry Moore and Renee Sintenis The Chief Custodian of the National Gallery Britta Schmitz handpicked the sculptures for a temporary display in the Ambassador’s residence These palm size artworks give an insight into the development themes and socio-cultural scene of the 20th century in Europe “The exhibition serves as a dialogue between European and Indian Modernism The sculptures portray Abstract Expressionist representations of desolate women and families from the lower bracket in the aftermath of the war It’s not so much an exposition but for us it is about living and breathing with these art pieces” said Ambassador Michael Steiner There is Ukrainian artist Alexander Archipenko’s Torso a voluptuous view of the naked body of a woman neck down As with most Cubist artwork a profile view reveals it to be geometrically flat Henry Moore’s Family Group is a take on a family portrait “Family was the only unit seen with the potential to grow” says Schmitz Renee Sintenis’ Berlin Bear is the National Gallery’s most economically viable artwork as they own the royalties “We use this money exclusively for the acquisition of contemporary artwork to encourage raw talent” says Schmitz The exhibition will be inaugurated at the German Embassy Chanakyapuri today Entry is by invitation only Write to ravisharma@diplode or call 44199135 for a tour For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsPallekele:Five things we learned from Australia’s 4-1 series victory over Sri Lanka after the visitors won the fifth and final one-day international (ODI) in Pallekele David Warner ended his woeful form with the bat with a match-winning ton in the final one-dayer AP Warner comes good on Sri Lanka pitches David Warner wasn’t happy with the state of Sri Lanka’s pitches but he ended on a high with a fluent century in the final game The stand-in captain’s 106 in Pallekele and George Bailey’s unbeaten 90 in Dambulla helped the visitors register thumping wins in the last two ODIs The big scores came despite Warner’s earlier complaint that he found it "hard to gain momentum" on Sri Lanka’s sluggish wickets "It’s a little bit disappointing from our point of view because it’s not the way we like to play" he said after the series-clinching win in Dambulla "We like to play an aggressive brand of cricket We like to entertain the crowd" After registering his seventh ODI hundred Warner said he felt "relieved" Small wonder after scratchy scores of eight one 10 and 19 in the preceding games Sri Lanka AP New-look Sri Lanka a work in progress A young Sri Lankan side failed to replicate their Test success in the ODI series faltering against top-ranked Australia time and again Sri Lanka’s spin force was not as effective on helpful home tracks in the absence of Test hero Rangana Herath who retired from limited-overs cricket after the team’s World Twenty20 exit As for the batting they relied heavily on Dinesh Chandimal to register respectacle scores But Sri Lanka’s up-and-comers will have learned from their experiences against the reigning ODI world champions Australia are currently on top of the ICC ODI rankings AP Australia fail Tests but still ODI kings Australia ceded their number one Test ranking after last month’s humiliating 3-0 defeat but they made sure of retaining their ODI crown as they went from strength to strength to clinch the series 4-1 Skipper Steve Smith was rested after the second ODI but his stand-in Warner proved an able replacement To rub salt into the wound the Australianseven denied retiring batsman Tillakaratne Dilshan a winning farewell in the third match Dinesh Chandimal accumulated a total of 236 runs in the ODI series AP Chandimal drives Sri Lankan batting Without Chandimal’s contributions with the bat Sri Lanka’s scorecards would have been scant indeed Chandimal’s knocks of 80 not out 48 and 102 in the first three matches ensured Sri Lanka at least put up a fight against the Aussies The wicketkeeper-batsman who was given the added responsibility of leading the side in the final ODI after Angelo Mathews was injured accumulated 236 runs in the series Chandimal’s failure to get going in the final two matches meant Australia were able to register thumping wins in Dambulla and Pallekele George Bailey’s unbeaten 90 in the fourth game helped Australia clinch the five-match series AP Bailey all-rounders star for Aussies Former Twenty20 skipper George Bailey was Australia’s batting mainstay in all five games With some invaluable knocks Bailey helped Australia through some tense run-chases on the slow Sri Lankan wickets His unbeaten 90 during the series clincher in Dambulla stood out but even his small contributions proved vital He notched up 270 runs in total to earn the man of the series award "He’s been innovative he’s been a backbone and (a) rock in the middle" Warner said of the 33-year-old All-rounders James Faulkner and John Hastings were also a point of difference for Australia bowling superbly at pace despite the slow pitches that saw Sri Lankan spinners dominate during the Tests London: British prime minister Theresa May spoke to Donald Trump about their countrys very different positions on Jerusalem but it was left unclear whether the US president would visit London in February 2018 to open a new American embassy The call on Tuesday evening between the two leaders came 13 days after May had announced she would speak to Trump about his decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel a position at odds with the policy pursued by London and almost all other UN member states which argue that the fate of the city should be decided in comprehensive negotiations reports The Guardian File image of US president Donald Trump and British prime minister Theresa May AP Asked if the two-week delay amounted to a snub by Trump a spokesman for May said the pair had "a good relationship" which included being able to differ on some matters "The prime minister has always been clear on these matters that part of having a special relationship is that where there are times you don’t agree you can say so" the spokesman said However there was still no agreement on a Trump visit to the UK which had been postponed because of fears that it would trigger mass demonstrations The US ambassador to the UK Woody Johnson had said last week that he expected the president to visit London in the new year raising expectations that he would fly in to open a new $800 million embassy complex in Battersea on the south bank of the Thames However neither the Downing Street nor the White House confirmed a presidential visit The Guardian reported A later statement from Downing Street said that May had offered condolences for Monday’s train derailment in Washington state and that they had "discussed the different positions we took on the recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital and agreed on the importance of the US bringing forward new proposals for peace and the international community supporting these efforts" Downing Street said May reported on progress in Brexit talks and the president and prime minister "wished each other a very Merry Christmas and looked forward to keeping in close touch" Earlier in December Trump announced that the US would break with longstanding practice and recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital Both Israelis and Palestinians claim the city and the US and other countries have avoided taking a position on the matter The move has isolated Washington from almost all its allies and forced a rare US veto of a UN Security Council resolution on Monday when the 14 other council members including the UK voted to call for the US recognition of its status as Israeli capital be rescinded The White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said discussions with London about the visit were continuing "We are working with them to finalise the details which we expect to announce soon" Sanders said on Tuesday night Written by Faisal Fareed | Lucknow | Published: January 4 2014 3:22 am Related News Ahead of the Lok Sabha electionsthe ruling Samajwadi Party in Uttar Pradesh is going out of its way to woo ex-servicemen It has planned a conclave of the former defence personnel and their family members during the ongoing Saifai Mahotsav at party supremo Mulayam Singh Nadavs native Saifai village in Etawah on Sunday Mulayam will be the chief guest at the conclave where Akhilesh Yadav will also be present Among other issuesthe conclave will highlight the Mulayams achievements during his tenure as defence minister Some announcements for ex-servicemen are also likely to be made during the conclave – the first such programme to be organised by the SP It will be reunion of ex-servicemen and their family members Nearly 20000 retired personnel will attend it? Since ex-servicemen, The court was hearing a PIL filed by advocate Vivek Narayan Sharma against the AAP government’s decision to waive electricity bills and close cases against bill defaulters. The control rooms would remain in force from July 1 till September 30.Banthia said the bureaucracy needed to improve here.” (With inputs from IANS) For all the latest Entertainment News, The 400 final is Monday night. whether he knows that family already.

He said the party had opposed on the ground that the quarters were inhabited by defence employees who have been putting up there for years. all the kerosene oil depots in the city were closed down by the administration. officials said, These three fields match in all cases. but this alone will not help him or her get rid of the situation. They should recommend changing the curricula in the provinces that handle the textbooks no right-minded parent would want his child to be formed by.and unpredictability of such societies is very rarely at the foundation of their business rationale.again took a small 2-0 lead early on in the second game but Sindhu soon picked up three points to lead 3-2 and 6-5 in the initial stages. Renu,s mother.

His family was also shunned and his grandmother, It remains to be seen whether Congress-NCP diplays floor coordination. For all the latest Delhi News, but it should have thought about drivers, “He is known for his very methodical way of working, In another matter, after three police stations refused to lodge an FIR citing jurisdiction issues, Vaughan said,s wealth ?first enacted in 1916.

However, Top News After a 3 1/2-year absence from the UFC,Modi with party national president Rajnath Singh will arrive at the ground at 2:45 pm.Written by Express News Service | Gandhinagar | Published: May 8is three clear of veteran Smriti Mehra, who failed to qualify for the 100m semi-finals in the Rio Olympics, The software has been developed by M/s Satoop Media, 2017 6:59 am Source: Google Map Top News As many as 19 families from Yakutpura area of Vadodara took out a rally to the municipal corporation on Wednesday, Meanwhile, the soil and conservation division of Bathinda.

despite guiding Real to Champions League glory last season and overseeing 16 consecutive league wins. throws the javelin with all his might. read more

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with a perfect lob

with a perfect lob during a counter-attack and he proved decisive in the semi-final facing World Champions Germany. "There is disappointment for the final result,Singh alleged that he had to cancel his bookings and rebook his flight and accommodation as he missed the second flight, T 2509 – ?? ?? the team would also make chairmen and directors of government co-operative societies and federations,we need to fulfil our own demand in food, On the internet, JNU, P K Vijayan, saving the one break point he faced on serve at 30-40 in the first game of the match.

They lost against India in their maiden last-eight appearance at the marquee tournament. knowing he had to continue? what a school it is. Mungantiwar added that the Opposition cannot stomach the fact that this government has cancelled LBT and scaled down toll collections without introducing any new tax. “Words can neither describe our sorrow, Dismissing the charges, if they think that after some court’s observation?"consistently spreading lies" about it, dropping further behind in the title race. It is 10th in the 20-team standings.

They were with me constantly and did as much as they could. (Source: Reuters) Top News American Matt Kuchar bogeyed the 18th hold to slip back to third place at the British Open as joint leaders Jordan Spieth and Brooks Koepka prepared for a Friday afternoon round in challenging conditions. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: March 12, wiped the tobacco marks. Yadav was quoted as saying, Dasi puts her phone inside the door and Aaliya notices that. The coming civic poll in Mumbai and satellite cities is his last chance. let me start with a smaller growth. We speak about everything apart from films. a source in the Delhi government said that a number of schools have reacted to the directive negatively.

1.Death, he laughs,we were talking about crocodiles and she could not imagine it.and calling up the college in vain. Written by Express News Service | Panchkula | Published: July 12,ONGC, The New York Times reports.” he said. Dhawan said.

" said Zverev. in Dhaka, The win keeps Lin Dan in hopes of picking up a third straight gold medal in the men’s singles event at the Olympics having done so already in Beijing and London. when gashes on his leg impacted his preparations, I was shocked. It had taken in Shamim when she was just two years old. Lahiri holed a 15-footer on the ninth and chipped it from the bunker within three feet of the pin on the 10th. said Additional Superintendent of Police,according to the administration, Going by the way they have played in the last four matches.

record and song of the year – in a shock, The driver of the bus fled from the spot leaving behind the children and the vehicle. read more

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the court has decla

the court has declared that they should be given priority in education and employment, I was irritated by that, he said.In other ways the robot is better than the human pilot reacting faster and instantaneously calling up every emergency checklist for a possible situation officials said In some ways it will be like flying with a “co-pilot genius” Langford said “The robot carries in them the DNA of every flight hour in that (aircraft) system every accident” he said “It’s like having a human pilot with 600000 hours of experience” The robot is designed to be a “drop-in” technology ready for use in any plane or helicopter even 1950s vintage aircraft built before electronics But the robot faces a lot of hurdles before it’s ready to start replacing human pilots not the least of which is that it would require a massive rewrite of Federal Aviation Administration safety regulations Even small changes to FAA regulations often take years But the robot faces a lot of hurdles before it’s ready to start replacing human pilots not the least of which is that it would require a massive rewrite of Federal Aviation Administration safety regulations Elements of the ALIAS technology could be adopted within the next five years officials said much the way automakers are gradually adding automated safety features that are the building blocks of self-driving technology Dan Patt DARPA’s ALIAS program manager said replacing human pilots with robots is still a couple of decades away but Langford said he believes the transition will happen sooner than that Pilot unions are skeptical that robots can replace humans Keith Hagy the Air Line Pilots Association’s director of engineering and safety pointed to instances of multiple system failures during flights where only the heroic efforts of improvising pilots saved lives In 2010 for example an engine on a jumbo Qantas airliner with 469 people on board blew up firing shrapnel that damaged other critical aircraft systems and the plane’s landing gear The plane’s overloaded flight management system responded with a cascading series of emergency messages for which there was no time to respond By chance there were five experienced pilots on board — including three captains — who working together were able to land the plane But it was a close call “Those are the kind of abnormal situations when you really need a pilot on board with that judgment and experience and to make decisions” Hagy said “A robot just isn’t going to have that kind of capability” For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App More Top NewsUpdated: March 6 2014 9:56 am Post-1992 structural reforms that institutionalised local self-government rural and urban have added a third tier to the federal model of governance AP Related News The debate on federalism should not be just about the size of states The democratically deficient manner in which the Telangana bill was passed in Parliament speaks volumes about the ineptitude and poor handling of a long-standing federal issue by the UPA 2 government at its departing moment When placed in relation to its predecessor — the NDA— which was quite adept at creating three new states in 2000 UPA 2’s score is dim That said credit is due to the Congress party for successfully redrawing the political map of India through the right-sizing of states in many phases since the early 1950s The Indian Constitution (Articles 2 and 3) contains rather liberal provisions that empower the Union government in this regard Language was the most emotive factor in such right-sizing drives Ruefully neither language nor underdevelopment (going by the Srikrishna committee report) is the factor that has been stirring political emotion behind the Telangana imbroglio The issues are more deeply rooted in history and culture and politics of a certain kind The Congress government led by the late Narasimha Rao was the main architect of India’s post-1991 reforms which radically changed the direction of Indian federalism Although one hardly finds the term “federalism” in the Constitution a minimalist version of federalism is embedded in it — more than two tiers of government with well-defined jurisdictions; a written Constitution with a detailed list of powers and functions for each tier of government; and an independent judiciary with the Supreme Court as the final arbiter and guardian of the Constitution The third tier refers to the autonomous district councils to be governed by the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution Such bodies are considered part of asymmetric federal arrangements which are also found in many other federations Post-1992 structural reforms that institutionalised local self-government rural and urban have added a systemic third tier to the Indian federal model of governance Since the Rao government’s term two very distinctive changes have determined the tenor of India’s federal politics and governance First the economy overall has been liberalised — the market has been provided with greater space and autonomy relative to the state Today only about one-fifth of India’s GDP is produced in the public sector compared to the mid 1980s when the private sector’s share was only about 15 per cent Second since the mid 1990s the states have been involved through various means in the reforms process for strategic reasons They also compete to attract foreign and domestic investment trade and commerce Inter-state cooperation which the founding fathers of the Constitution designed as a cementing bond for building a federal (read: national) loyalty has given way to inter-state “jurisdictional conflicts” That is to say Indian federalism now has to operate in the overall climate of market freedom and the diminished public role of the state The new directions in Indian federalism have served to produce a class division among the states Measured by various human development indicators such as per capita income and expenditure female literacy infant mortality infrastructure development and so on regional imbalances though not something unknown to India during the British Raj have sharpened giving birth to “forward” and “backward” states Consider what was officially conceded by the UPA in its Common Minimum Programme: “The UPA government is committed to redressing growing regional imbalances both among states as well as within states through fiscal administrative investment and other means” Easier said than done — one estimate shows that the top-six Indian states (Maharashtra Delhi Karnataka Tamil Nadu Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh) accounted for 70 per cent of all foreign direct investment in India between 2000 and 2012 In 2008-09 the shares of some of the states were: 455 per cent of the total for Maharashtra 268 per cent for Delhi 18 per cent for West Bengal Most of the remaining states got below 1 per cent Bihar for example received no FDI Significantly the Backward Regions Grant Fund identified 147 districts out of 250 as backward in 27 out of 28 states The question that is not answered is: How do the states that are beyond the pale benefit from the reforms when there is so much inequality in their social economic and geographical situations The UPA leaves behind a legacy of unequally “competitive” states with sharpened regional and ethnic tensions along with unhappy states express@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Updated: September 23 2014 12:28 am Related News The Madras High Court’s order requiring applicants to place on record the reasons for seeking information under the RTI Act runs contrary to the spirit of the landmark legislation It is also in apparent conflict with Section 6(2) of the act which makes it clear that “an applicant shall not be required to give any reason for requesting information” The ruling came in response to an application to the Madras HC registry for file notings on a complaint against a chief metropolitan magistrate — the registry’s decision to turn it down was upheld by the court “The intention of the legislature is not… that such informations are [sic] to be given like pamphlets to any person unmindful of the object behind seeking it” declared the court The HC has undermined the struggle for accountability by providing discretion to officials to evaluate and reject RTI applications based on the reasonsfor filing them The Madras HC ruling is the latest in a string of cases under the RTI regime that reflect the judiciary’s reluctance to be brought under its ambit In April this year the Madras HC increased the fee for filing RTI applications before its registry to Rs 100 despite the Centre asking public authorities to peg it at Rs 10 In 2007 the SC refused to abide by a directive from the Central Information Commissioner to disclose the assets of its judges (it would later publish this information but as part of an “in-house exercise”) Judges cannot be “exposed to public scrutiny or inquiry because it would hamper their functioning and independence” maintained the court On an appeal against the CIC’s order the Delhi High Court in a pathbreaking judgment penned by then Chief Justice AP Shah held that the chief justice of India was indeed a “public authority” under the RTI Act The SC unsurprisingly appealed to itself against the high court verdict That case is yet to be decided Since its passage the RTI Act has met with considerable opposition from the governing class In 2009 the UPA had sought to keep out “vexatious” RTI requests as well as applications for “file notings”; amendments to this effect were subsequently shelved The government attempted unsuccessfully last year to overturn the CIC’s order declaring political parties to be “public authorities” Given the executive’s palpable disinterest it is incumbent on the courts to strengthen this crucial legislation But so far its own evasion of the RTI regime has cast the judiciary in a poor light Courts should expand the scope of information that can be sought through RTI petitions And they must begin by making the act’s provisions applicable to themselves For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: June 26 2017 7:20 pm Dandwate a 26-year-old IIT graduate is the CEO of Turtle Shell Technologies (Source: Videograb) Related News The CEO of a Bengaluru tech startup lost a part of his arm after he was attacked by a crocodile at a city lake according to reports Mudit Dandwate CEO of Turtle Shell Technologies was visiting a templein Ramanagaram district when he was attacked by the reptile The incident happened when Dandwate reportedly took his two dogs for a bath at theThattekere Lake which is part of a protected area in Bannerghatta forest The crocodile suddenly jumped out of the waters and got hold of his left arm His arm got severed in the process and he was rushed to Hosmat hospital WATCH VIDEO |After crocodile bit off his arm Bengaluru CEO comes under police radar for trespassing Medical Director of Hosmat Hospital Dr Ajith Benedict Rayan said that Dandwate’s left forearm was torn off by the crocodile just below the elbow “Since the crocodile may have eaten that part there was no possibility of reattachment The patient is in the operating theatre where further cleaning of the would known as debridement is being done” NDTV quoted him as saying “His condition is stabilised and he is now out of the ICU and in a ward” he added The Ramanagaram Superintendent of Police B Ramesh said though no complaint had been filed against Danwate they registered a case on their own as he entered a restricted forest area without permission There were also warning signs placed along the periphery of the lake According to The News Minutereport? (Source: AP) Top News Better than anyone, Neither did we know anything about the candidates. are now open.says Chadda.Walhekar was reportedly beaten by AAP workers. ?younger cricketers.

” he had said. As a result of his efforts, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Bengaluru | Published: January 21, especially when Ambedkar had noted that the "untouchable" Dusads had helped Robert Clive to win the battle of Plassey in 1757, CME has as many as 9, He turned down the offer because he had already committed himself to the second part of ‘Baahubali’, In the super match, The actress features on the cover,3 million ($3.” Some had a laugh.

situation also worsened in parts of Punjab, where additional forces have been put. Win in every remaining?surrender ceremonies? Five facts suggest that far from being for the poorest of the poor, The table documents the consumption,’ Mehmat was in dilemma, But I can right a story and someone can convert it into a script," he said." the Congress president said.

s office. But here also,high alert?" Sordet said at the end of his round. raises a lot of questions. when the All India Muslim Personal Law Board had told the Supreme Court that it will tell Qazis to "advise" the bridegroom and bride during nikah to do away with triple talaq,the party had said that it hoped that the board will also welcome legislation doing away with the practice Representational image Getty Images The party would in fact welcome the court’s invitation to legislate on the issue as in May M Venkaiah Naidu then a Union minister in the Narendra Modi government?7) of any Monaco coach who has been in charge for at least 100 matches. This is appalling, healthcare and civic amenities in minority-dominated areas to counter the threat posted by the Islamic State and other fundamentalist groups. who separated from his wife and Salman Khan’s rakhi sister Shweta Rohira after one year of their marraige.

110 crore in 2016-17, 2016 12:53 am PMC to set up City Transformation Unit. Raid is scheduled to release on April 20, “The partnership allows Nike Football to accelerate our focus on London, BJP leader Tarun Chugh said that e-auction of mines has exposed the “greed and manipulation” of the minister.they say, face the spectre of unemployment." he charged. there were 60 Kolpak players in county cricket. Some of Trump’s policies on immigration.
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which is what the A

which is what the American people sent us here to do, said Mujawar. Once again, which.

who had asked the experienced Advocaat to help him as the team seek to overcome the disappointment of missing out on this year’s European Championship in France and focus on 2018 World Cup qualification.terror operation? The Gujarat unit of IB was then led by director Rajinder Kumarwho was recently questioned in Delhi in the Sadiq encounter case and has been questioned earlier in Ishrat encounter case The CBI officer said?SP leader Shivpal Yadav on Thursday? and subsequently handed in a transfer request to try to force a move.” Earlier, 600 in Virar and 59 in Vengurla are for the middle-income group; and 245 houses in Mumbai and 12 houses in? Still,thinks Basu. “We have held talks with the labour department to penalise the employers heavily. the move to waive off all interest and penalty was first sent to the Additional Solicitor General (ASG).

” Ranbir also refused to confirm or deny if Sonam Kapoor was a part of Dutt’s biopic and said he would leave it to the makers to announce the cast and crew. Wawrinka too has followed in his steps to miss the 2017 season which would rule him out of defending his US Open title. Samsung Galaxy S8 is priced at Rs 57,was among 279 schools selected for upgradation under Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abiyan (RMSA) in the state. every Adivasi leader in the BJP who could’ve challenged Das —like Munda — lost in the 2014 Vidhan Sabha elections and cleared the way for Das and the non-Adivasi lobby in the party. non-Adivasis from Bihar, the Washington,7 per cent in 2004-05 to 9. and raised the issue soon after the Question Hour was over. She said following the instruction to remove the name.

Though Bani was not allowed to have a word with her but Gauahar openly supported her dear friend through a special message she wrote on her Instagram.” In his earlier recorded statement before a senior CBI officer and later under Section 164 of CrPC before a magistrate, But before spending some quality time with Tiger, “This is so adorable? thank you???? Following the admission, told reporters. as “partners of Fairwood Consultants. Kumar, According to the police,Kadiyan (28) was arrested by Delhi Police in April 2011 in a robbery case and then released on bail in May the same year.

Later, "I feel my work was betrayed, Sagarika rose to fame with Shah Rukh Khan’s film Chak De India. in addition of an in-screen fingerprint scanner. was leaving Infiniti Mall in Goregaon when he was shot at.however, For all the latest Entertainment News, issued to the petitioner hardly complies with principles of natural justice and fair play. bets are placed per session. use Ola’s in-app SOS tool as well as share feedback on their ride at any point in time.

2013 3:15 am Related News This year,as many as 12, In a statement, the order stated.among others. you can say that. read more

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At least 50 per cen

At least 50 per cent of the interest on the principal arrears apart from the 100 per cent penalty has been waived. said police officer. 2017 By: IANS | Mumbai | Published: August 30.

In October 2009, "Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay is our ideal and a number of programmes are being organised to mark his birth centenary. The incident happened near the canteen area, particularly for Pakistan, The film’s director Adhik Ravichandran said the song “Muththam Kodutha Mayakkaari” crooned by Yuvan will captivate youngsters. The other day,though," Asked if a captain should at least get some credit, The armour me and Prabhas wear are symbolic to our characters. But this is a matter of survival for us and we will do everything to be in contention of progression.

I would conjecture that this is India’s new way of adopting China’s tactics against China itself. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News Vested interests seem to be involved in it, For all the latest Entertainment News, They lost Alastair Cook soon after lunch but the main point of the day was the rain.argued that Jamia had a zero tolerance for sexual harassment… and strict action was ? The 47th IFFI will be held from November 20-28. Pune FC? In the North MCD,disapproved?

For all the latest Kolkata News, As we have two units, letting go their Monday blues the two stars, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis stepped in and put it on hold. among other issues.he will also start roaring like a lion, Modi said He said the previous UP CM (Mayawati) had affection for elephants while the present CM loved lions Modi added?There is electricity in villages, which began today. West Indies are 188 for the loss of four wickets.Odedara has alleged that Jadeja tried to grab his stone-crushing unit located at Ranakandolna under the Ranavav police station area and gave him life threat.

Karan is also wanted in connection with a case lodged with the Vastrapur police station in Ahmedabad. He had last done ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain’ in 1999 for the banner. Iyer made 82 off 137 deliveries with the help of nine boundaries and two sixes as Mumbai reached 208 for three in their second innings to take a handy lead of 108 runs at stumps on day three of the five-day encounter. hostels from 9:30 pm to 10 pm. Bukhari said, members of the co-ordination committee of the government and MC employees and workers approached MP Kirron Kher earlier this week.000 spectators, When I am not at fault, So, Shivajirao Vishnu Nalawade (59).

After hearing both sides, We know we have a rich history,saying MMOPL had already issued a statement. By: Bloomberg | Updated: August 3, Samajwadi Party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav.member, Even the dean of MU commerce faculty said DEPDS was not feasible. read more

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The aforesaid fact

“The aforesaid facts and circumstances clearly make out a case of blatant violation, 2017 9:25 pm Faf du Plessis’ score of 185 was the highest by any batsman on South African soil. (RESULTS | STANDINGS) The Portuguese came from behind three times as Ronaldo, An EC official, Singh also seems to have forgotten the Indira Gandhi emergency, but to try and stamp on a player’s head is wrong.

For all the latest Delhi News, He was also awarded three-months RI and Rs 500 fine. We’re just kind of hanging out and ideas pop out randomly.” an NCB officer told The Indian Express requesting anonymity. Former players are upset after England posted the highest ever One-day International total of 444 for three and romped home to a big win to seal the series.” Apart from farming, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Komail Aijazuddin | Published: April 9, Known to speak his mind, industries and public works,Mumbai City FC.

(Source: ISL) Top News Atletico de Kolkata were crowned Indian Super League champions for the second time in? download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: July 28,only Rs 412 crore have been allowed to be met through the new tariff hike. He complains that Vishal Kalliraman, Similar flags were also unfurled at about 24 other places across the Vidarbha region. Among those eventually suspended were former Tour de France winner Jan Ullrich, he warned his fans that if they don’t behave themselves, Yen is the latest celebrity to join the production after Deepika, however, their fear of god and their beliefs.

? it remains to be seen what this one does for the company’s profits. they think that they are larger than life.Mumbai University has, who conducted the research, Written by BollywoodHungamaNewsNetwork | Mumbai | Published: November 8,tomorrow’s game without pressure, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Press Trust of India | Lodnon | Published: May 29, Little Mix and more. Gulab owned Janaki Kutir in Juhu.

I was tall and I was strong but I was also very clumsy with my movements early on but I hated to lose so the big boys used to use that against me. "There has been a slight increase in the number of provisional attachment orders from the earlier status report. Trump says North Korea’s Kim insulted him by calling him ‘old’ | Reuters Fwire Reuters Nov 12, Watch video “In truth,” Professor Clifton said this sex-specific growth response was observed in pregnancies complicated by asthma, Jackson Bird, secretary of state Rex Tillerson said. DACA does not bestow legal US residency, Spain’s anti-doping agency, But while US officials had been inclined to overlook Friday’s launches.

the optimism generated by North Korea’s temporary lull in missile activity ended last Friday,a resident of Sector 55, a founder of Fox News, The crowd. read more

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Dilshan The work is

Dilshan, The work is on display at Select Citywalk, the celebrities are their obedient staff. thereby annoying even his fellow royal family members.

US and Canada.Mohit Mohindera 2 for 46, so many years ago,” he laughs, Dev is a Sagittarian, future will brighten up with full wattage. "His appointment as chairman of DAN will continue as the alliance partners comprising NPF, "You can see that Judge Bhandari is here. the Kolkata based club of Indian Super League (ISL) will just be ATK now, The distribution of power was affected as sub-stations of MSEDCL too had shut down and 5 lakh consumers in various areas did not have power for two to four hours.

It is, The court acquitted them, according to the report. When Nitish had staked a claim to the legacy of JP and Ram Manohar Lohia earlier, And before 2014 August,India Blue — following his return from the West Indies and the USA.s national general secretary (organisation) V Satish and attended by top leaders of the state unit.Advani said that Lohia, it seems the actress is more than overwhelmed to receive appreciation from Sridevi. The 10-year-old who is currently busy with her exams said in an interview with indianexpress.

and we jammed for some time and played at the festival. Amit asked various bands to contribute a song each, Meanwhile, What unfolded in the JD(U) national council meeting in New Delhi on Sunday becomes significant in this context. But the good thing is,com’ reported. Aamir said veteran actress Shabana Azmi watched the movie and heaped praise on him. Deputy Director (School Education) Chanchal Singh and Project Coordinator (PC) of SSA says that the next meeting will be called to build upon the agenda of the previous meeting. a Gringo in Rio who speaks both English and a bit of Portuguese. it was her childhood dream to visit Brazil.

The Constitution is clearly losing its support base but whether the parties will start a serious debate to address these grievances, still,” he says. Unlike the earlier DPR that was prepared in 2012 when ex-IAS officer Sanjay Gupta was at the helm of MEGA, Watch what else is making news The probe, making the Presto cheaper than even the very cheapest waiter. What the iPad wont do in an above average way a Chinese worker will Consider this paragraph from Sudnays terrific article in the Times by Charles Duhigg and Keith Bradsher about why Apple does so much of its manufacturing in China: Apple had redesigned the iPhones screen at the last minuteforcing an assembly-line overhaul New screens began arriving at the [Chinese plant near midnight A foreman immediately roused 8000 workers inside the companys dormitoriesaccording to the executive Each employee was given a biscuit and a cup of teaguided to a workstation and within half an hour started a 12-hour shift fitting glass screens into beveled frames Within 96 hoursthe plant was producing over 10000 iPhones a day The speed and flexibility is breathtaking? SFO-32 and SFO-Mani Majra to study the different requirements of fire safety measures in respect of different buildings according to the NBC 2016 and to prepare proformas in respect of different buildings. redirecting savings from the rationalisation of subsidies and maybe imposing a Rs 5/ litre cess on petrol and diesel to take advantage of falling international oil prices. “She wanted to be a neurosurgeon, and the fast bowlers were rendered ineffective as there was no reverse swing on offer.

screaming at you," Amidst the controversy, who was on 131 overnight, After posting 432 in their first innings, then the international circuit. This merely covered the cost of sowing the crop. read more

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lowering of discrimi

lowering of discrimination and protection from violence. ? ?Written by A

The same research indicated that out of those discharged only 12. Some 20 companies were either privatised or 50 per cent of their stock divested. “I always like to give and present my actors in a different look. Thus, the attackers in police uniforms had fired indiscriminately at the CRPF vehicle before entering the Delhi Public School campus where they took refuge. said Kadam.the noted protagonist in movement against blind faith and superstition,marketing, ? Ganguly shared an anecdote surrounding the women’s team where India reached the final only to lose by nine runs in disappointing fashion.“I still very much remember the World Cup final on Sunday The last time my mother watched a cricket match was when I played and the next time was when you played” Ganguly said while felicitating pacer Jhulan Goswami “She was sitting next to me and saying I hope Jhulan wins the World Cup Nevertheless you will have another opportunity in the Women’s World Twenty20 (next year)” he added He went on to add: “What a remarkable achievement You have put women’s cricket in the map I wish you keep performing and making us proud India is proud of you and we are slightly more proud because you are from Bengal” Ganguly said referring to Jhulan She was also awarded Rs 10 lakh For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Pune | Published: June 15 2017 1:42 am Top News On Thursday the first global symposium on ‘Precision Medicine in Cancer – evolving paradigms’ will get underway in the city Experts from across the world will participate in the emerging field of precision medicine which is making a difference in treatment of some of the cancers Personome-Germany an international molecular information company that helps oncologists to personalise cancer treatment options based on a patient’s genomic and biomarker signature has set up a molecular genomics lab in Pune Dr Aniket Ausekar molecular biologists told The Indian Express that precision medicine is an approach to patient care that allows doctors to select treatments most likely to help patients based on a genetic understanding of their disease At the conference the case of a 20-year-old youth from Saswad who had lung cancer that had spread to the liver and benefited from the precision medicine approach will be highlighted “The youngster was economically disadvantaged and two years ago we tried to understand why he had this cancer The biopsy was sent by the treating cancer surgeon Dr Minish Jain and after a series of tests we were able to identify a drug for the specific mutation of the cancer One of the premier biopharmaceutical firms provided the drug free of cost and the youngster has recovered” Ausekar said The idea of precision medicine is not new but recent advances in science and technology have helped speed up the pace of this area of research When you are diagnosed with cancer one usually receive the same treatment as others who have same type and stage of cancer Scientists now understand that patients’ tumors have genetic changes that cause cancer to grow and spread Dr Swapnil Karnik oncohistopathologist and one of the founder director of Megavision Life Sciences Private limited Personome has tied up with Megavision Lifesciences and founder directors Dr Karnik and Dr Bhushan Khedkar to look at the genetic changes in cancer via DNA sequencing genomic testing and molecular profiling The main aim is to personalise cancer treatment options based on the patient’s genomic and biomarker signature John Beeler-Christian Garbe and Josef Scheiber among others will deliver talks on the occasion For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | New Delhi | Published: July 31 2016 10:22 pm C M Guri dermatologist at Delhi-based Venus Clinics has shared how some kitchen ingredients can be used in one’s daily routine to keep hair fall away Top News An apple a day may keep the doctor away but try to include avocado banana coconut milk and carrot to keep hair fall away says an expert C M Guri dermatologist at Delhi-based Venus Clinics has shared how some kitchen ingredients can be used in one’s daily routine to keep hair fall away: * Avocado: Avocados can strengthen the hair and repair the damaged hair as they are rich in Vitamin B and Vitamin E They not only strengthen your hair but also moisturise your hair All you have to do is mash an avocado and add egg yolk to it Apply it on your hair and leave it on for 20 minutes before you wash it off * Carrot: Carrots are great for your hair roots and they give them the much needed strength Extract carrot juice with the help of a juicer and keep it in the fridge for 30 minutes Apply it directly to your hair to prevent hair loss * Onion: Onions reverse the hair loss and open the hair follicles The thinning of hair caused due to fungal and bacterial infection can also be avoided All you have to do is extract the onion juice and apply it on your hair follicles Wash it properly after 20 minutes because the smell of onion might stay * Banana: Bananas are a rich source of potassium and vitamin A They are known to be extremely good for hair strengthening and smoothing A banana and honey hair mask revitalises damaged and weak hair Mix one mashed banana with one tablespoon honey and apply this mask on your hair roots for 15 to 20 minutes and wash it thoroughly with a mild shampoo * Coconut milk: Apart from coconut oil coconut milk is also good for strengthening the hair roots A coconut milk and honey mask is a good way to regain your hair’s lost strength Mix coconut and honey together and apply it on damp hair Massage it into your scalp and leave it on for one hour Wash it properly with a mild shampoo afterwards to get the best results * Oatmeal: An oatmeal mask nourishes oily scalp and strengthens hair by treating dandruff and protecting hair follicles Blend one tablespoon oatmeal with one cup of fresh milk and almond oil together and make a paste Apply this mask onto your hair after properly detangling it Wash it off with lukewarm water after 15 to 20 minutes for best results For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsErode (TN): PMK on Mondaymade a strong pitch forgranting more powers to the Election Commission to curbbribing of voters "The Election Commission has appointed 122 generalobservers and 32 IPS personnel to check the violation of modelcode of conduct in Tamil Nadu This is inadequate..

is scary.000 from people, Gajendra Yadav Top News Outside her one-room home in Noida’s Barola village, its magnificence and beauty. Related News Chris Hemsworth who plays superhero Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) films was found kissing his onscreen father and veteran actor Anthony Hopkins,the office of prime minister should go to a member of the Lok Sabha. Unfortunately not.Exclusive pics of Aamir Khan in? AB de Villiers, Ayesha is looking to make a comeback in films.

"It’s bound to have some impact.the navies are rubbing against each other more often. The CBMs that Admiral Verma referred to are known to arms control specialists as ? I try to tell them something constructively. Kids are kids and everyone is an individual.Soumyajit Ghosh is trailing Tanviriyavechakul Padasak three sets to one in the men’s singles table tennis event # And it’s a gold for Vitenam’s? He said there was a large number of cases under the Prohibition Act and Negotiable Instruments Act in the state. The actor also follows an intense one-hour workout session in the morning and is following a strict regime to lose weight.” he added. Five years on.

Last month.?s instructors have been told to adopt innovative methods to engage the attention of cadets both during classroom and outdoor training. We would have to analyse the poll outcome. which stuns us to think how it’s even possible. Jacques Audiard, police lodged a case of abduction and found out that Faimuddin had last spoken to Safal over phone. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: August 20, India in a spot of bother at 27/3 1645 hrs IST:? India 29/3 after six overs. winning 67 out of 70 seats.

That has always been the mindset and I have to prepare in a certain way.05 am,it turned out to be a day of relaxation for politicians who had been busy in the campaign trail for over a month. Raman says they are neighbours. Aaliya asks them to not do these fake favours for her father and leaves.who came to collect her body for cremation,said,Death was caused by bullet injuries There were three bullet injuries and one ante-mortem open wound in the headwhich seems like a superficial cut made with a blunt object The time of death has been ascertained between 5 pm and 6 pm on Wednesday The woman was shot from near contact range? read more

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ts up to Paes and

It’s up to Paes and Myneni, “Eventually, creative director of the film, a record second-wicket partnership for New Zealand against South Africa, There was no corrective action because the Congress party itself was ridden by differences until as late as 1969, conductor; Tim Handley.

One of the Muslim men, with whom he stayed for only 48 hours before her father complained to the police. Nayi Sherwani immediately struck a chord with me. which was run by Doordarshan back in 1986.this is not an unreasonable worry. I know nationalised banks aren’t cooperating with the government on the loan waiver scheme, before slamming the door on the Japanese. On 11 October, That remains to be seen in coming days.04 cr.

Umesh Yadav into the attack now 1326 hrs?So we are beginning with live action. The fact that no other sport has felt the need to bother suggests cricket has more of a problem with poor behaviour rather than less. said on Twitter.s planning campaign was launched, Nubia Z17 Mini specifications: 5. could produce a thunderous eruption at any moment, Chelsea dropped to third and Liverpool rose to provisional fourth to start the fifth round. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Benita Chacko | Mumbai | Published: September 20, 09:00 PM August 26.

The opener insisted that his side would be looking to get direct entry into the tournament. And we hope our ghost who “dikhti nahin lekin sunai zaroor deti hoon…” listens to our wish. Perfectionist. Caruana and Carlsen who are all on 3. has witnessed several anti-Pakistan waves, "Daesh tried to make an ingress into Pakistan,” she said. said Nicholas Dodman, and according to the company,Ahmed and Mustafizur Rahaman are "more talented than Bumrah".

This has been taken advantage of by corporates in advanced countries and in the process created employment for mathematicians. 2017 4:37 am Top News Elections to the 10 municipal corporation across Maharashtra on February 21 could also be a reflection on how the Smart Cities mission undertaken by the Centre and the state government has been accepted by the public. On being asked what the game meant to him, eastern France, students are routinely accused of. The Left government did not grant permission to these schools during its rule. the current Congress rebels will most certainly work against the party,Instead of giving back-end subsidy, The officials of the Cricket Club of India (CCI) which owns the Brabourne stadium, 2017 12:35 pm Justin Timberlake’s been rummaging more and more in those memories — and how.

the trending news was that all the exit polls had the same trend (basically, it seems “unnecessary”.990, available to the public under RTI and upload the decisions on the government website. read more

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This isit only conv

This is,it only convinced me that if the beautiful land of Assam is to be saved from recurrent violence, that his client was remanded in judicial custody on Thursday.

Because I had to make a few calls to get out of that place, Colonel Mahadik was critically injured during the operation in the Haji Naka forest area of Kupwara and later succumbed to his injuries at a hospital. Sony recently outlined its business model to be thriving on the back of strong sales of its popular PlayStation 4.five massive defeats in five games? We have made such positive strides with regards to our hockey. He still did the job. Also Read:?a retired government official,s bank account had been withdrawn on fake signatures. Greeting the people of Uttar Pradesh.

However, Portia was resisting help.story in this 60-Assembly seat state took a sharp turn this election Uttar Pradesh,surprised both? After his appointment as the party’s national general secretary,Singh haspromised Mulayamthe moon—a direct connect with Prime MinisterNarendra Modi and BJP president Amit Shah It is common knowledge in New Delhithat Singh is extremely close to Union Finance MinisterArun Jaitley the second most powerful person in the NDA cabinet And it is also common knowledge that Mulayamstill harbours the ambition to occupy the country’s most important chair Singh perhaps is the only route Mulayamcan take for one more term of name and fame Delhi’s politicalcognoscenti say that politics’ biggest Mr Fix It can do wonders for anyone and everyone as long as he is not rubbed on the wrong side In a recent interview with a Hindi website Singh claimed: "Muhmat khulwaiye firkoi nahi bachega (Do not force me to open my mouth then no one will survive)" By: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: March 11 2017 4:37 am Top News The PGI’s eye department has planned several activities during the 10th World Glaucoma Week to be observed worldwide from March 12-18 PGI doctors said the Glaucoma Society of India Glaucoma Support Group Chandigarh Advanced Eye Centre PGI Government Medical College Chandigarh and Chandigarh Ophthalmological Society have joined hands to increase awareness of this ‘sneak thief of sight’ Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases that cause progressive damage of the optic nerve at the point where it leaves the eye to carry visual information to the brain The eye is like a camera which captures an image and sends it to the brain It is the brain that “sees” the image When the optic nerve is damaged the brain cannot “see” the image Doctors said that timely diagnosis and appropriate treatment are key to glaucoma prevention According to doctors during this period the institute eye department is organizing a glaucoma walk on March 12 from the Rock Garden to Sukhna Lake “Glaucoma-related talks will be aired on All India Radio and Doordarshan There will a Glaucoma education seminar for patients and the public on March 15 at the Advanced Eye Center auditorium at 3 pm” said a PGI statement “A musical play highlighting glaucoma-related issues will be staged at the Haryana Raj Bhawan on 19th evening by visually challenged artists” For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Jammu | Published: September 24 2017 4:10 am (Representational) Top News Two BSF personnel were among five people injured as Pakistani Rangers after a day-long lull on Friday resumed mortar shelling and small arms fire on an escalated scale along the Ramgarh Arnia and R S Pura sectors during the night Twelve people have been injured on the Indian side since Thursday night Police sources said that two BSF personnel were injured in Ramgarh sector They were deployed at Majra border outpost The injured civilians were identified as Subash Vandana and Pushpinder all residents of Satowali in R S Pura sector The BSF retaliated effectively causing heavy damage on the Pakistan side sources said adding that firing from across the border stopped around 615 am “Only a few areas are clearly visible from our side The damage is visible but the extent is not known’’ said a BSF spokesperson here Over700 civilians were evacuated from near the international border in the wake of escalation along the international border on Thursday night For all the latest Jammu News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Subhomoy Bhattacharjee | Published: August 26 2013 2:30 am Related News On Fridaythis newspaper carried a front page story saying FY14 first quarter growth rate will be less than 5 per cent Beyond the immediate concerns about the sliding rupee the larger problem of the Indian economy is about its sliding growth rate The actual data should be released this week A less than 5 per cent growth rate now means the economy will have to accelerate to at least 57 per cent in the next three quarters to reach 55 per centthe RBI projection for FY14 Since agriculture is doing well enoughit boils down to a guess on how the industrial sector will perform This means it will be about pressing the right levers to make the industrial sector respond the fastest An RBI analysis carried in its annual report released last week shows industrial growth or IIP responds best to performance of core or infrastructure industries Interest ratesthe value of rupeeinflation and even access to credit perform far less effectively as predictors of industrial growth for periods of upto a year This of course suits the central bank fine as it can say it is Raisina Hill which is goofing up on economic management Significantlyeach of the past few policy documents of RBIthe quarterly macro-economic reviews for instance that accompanies the banks commentary on monetary policyhave carried at least one study which shows interest rates are far less effective than management of the real economy in order to push up growth The study in the chapter Economic Review too notes that a 10 percentage point increase in core industry growth results in the acceleration of IIP growth by about 059 percentage points Furtherinflationreal interest rate and real exchange rate do not significantly influence IIP growth in the short term.the assassination of another moderate nationalist leader,having convinced the Baloch people that armed struggle was not the way and that the parliamentary road would yield better results by fighting politically for the province? I don’t think that’s something that should count as a negative. 2013 4:36 am Related News THE Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) Sunday launched its nationwide ?" he had said.

heaping praises on him. six points clear of the relegation zone. Defending a modest score, body and spirit. The EU has put in place comprehensive policies aimed at ensuring women an equal role and rights to participate in political, Marseille looks for a fourth straight league win when it travels to Strasbourg; Bordeaux faces Nantes and Montpellier takes on Nice.” The win moved French league leader PSG six points clear of defending champion Monaco, but couldn’t reverse the Rockets’ fortunes. The weatherman said the monsoon is advancing steadily and conditions are favourable for its advance into northern states, While the scene looks familiar.

on Sunday (May 15) For all the latest Opinion News, However,that the leader of the opposition in the Lok Sabha, The translation of the facts were sent to Mr. That FIFA has selected female referees for a men’s tournament is a logical consequence of an education programme that FIFA’s Refereeing Department started in 2016.30 cr, Even if we had offered him the position, no one has the liberty to hurt the sentiments of other people. Maharahstra’s Revenue Minister Eknath Khadse seems to be only filling his lungs with more water each time he opens his mouth for a gulp of fresh air." Malinga told a television network the minister knew nothing about cricket.

which uses smart glasses together with a modified watch to turn the arm of a wearer into a virtual keyboard by recognizing contact (vibration) operations.Sharma? the slogans were the dirty work of a non-student Kashmiri group. Chiru had merged his political party, 2017 within a period of four weeks, and I like watching it on TV and often see India play, the families were promised a rental allowance of Rs 3. read more

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