Richard Mezei new Director of Pick Szeged


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← Previous Story 50 days to the Velux EHF CL F4 in Koln Next Story → Women’s EHF EURO 2014 goes to Hungary and Croatia Pick Szeged handballRichard Mezei One of the most significant Hungarian player in last two decade, Richard Mezei (41), take charge in Hungarian vice-champion, Pick Szeged as new managing director of the team. Legendary line player was a important part of both Hungarian most successful teams, MKB Veszprem and Pick Szeged (2001-2007). He played two times at the Olympic Games for Hungary in 1992 and 2004.After seasons of strong rivality between MKB Veszprem and Pick Szeged, in the last four years, Veszprem became the “only one” in Hungarian handball. After Pick won Championship in 2007, results and budget dropped season by season, until this season, when Pick secured TOP 16 phase in the EHF Champions League, but far away from the rival from Veszprem at national level.

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